alpha male with food?

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    First of all, why is this thread called alpha male with food? I don't get it...Well I kind of do, but that's not what alpha male means. The alpha male WOULD eat a bigger portion of the meat. Anywhoo...

    Don't go to a nutritionist, they don't know wtf they are talking about half the time, just cut out the carbs, when you're stoned distract yourself (other pleasures) and fast sometimes, in the morning skip breakfast and eat less than or equal to 100 grams (400 calories of carb). That'll counter-act the overeating, improve your liver etc and make your stomach grow smaller. :) Also, you'll enjoy food more.

    I still would rather have something that's not processed than something that is, but HFCS is not the evil product I once thought it was.

    It is. But go to the veganism thread for that. Sugar is extremely rare in nature, before we chose our fruit in the supermarket and bred it into supersweetfruit. Sugar, and HFCS, is bad. But all carbs above a reasonable 400 calories/day max is bad for you, how do you think ancient man ever ate that many carbs? Specifically carbs from super sweet fruit and soda are the same and and basically do the same thing to your body: cause you to store fat by raising insulin.

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