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  1. Ha Ha, guys in my recent attempts to diet I've come to the harsh reality that i have an eating problem. Ever since i can remember even as a kid, i would always over eat. I also remember when my mom was cooking, i would always ask her if that was gonna be enough food.:eek: so i would stuff my face and and run back to the kitchen for seconds before anyone else. :eek:

    so yea even now i eat way more than i should in one sitting. i also cook way more food than i need. Its like if the food is tasty/good i can just eat it until my stomach hurts.

    anyone else like this? I need to break this habit fast as I'm trying to lose some weight
  2. yeah dude and at one point the munchies made me jump from like 140 pds to a whopping 210 pounds in a year. im back to about 150. but man i really think i fucked my stomach up though i used to be able to eat 3 course meals and id be so high that i barely feel the pain in my stomach but i know when theirs definately something wrong. ill be trying to get a healthy diet at the same time as u bud, good luck:p
  3. Definitely first find a healthy snack for when you're munchin' on the herb. I keep fruits and healthy cereal handy. Though....nothing truly beats a half pound of deep fried cheese-sticks, a 30 rack of White Castle, or half the Taco Bell menu.... But munchin' healthy is always a great start.

    Far as your need to basically conveyor belt food into you, I'd wonder why you started eating like that. Might want to get high and spend a little time asking yourself "Why" you're so eager to over eat. Sounds like a psychological problem as much as a physical problem.

    Good luck!
  4. yea after I started dieting I realized how much I had been eating the past few years. Wayyyy too much. but the more i started working out the better my diet became and now its to the point where I dont even want to eat too much. Ive lost over 40 pounds
  5. I will overeat every time if I don't stop myself. I gained a lot of weight, but have lost almost all of it now, 65 lbs, with maybe 10-15 more to go. You just have to eat less and better, no tricks, just will power.
  6. Yeah Ive had that too man.
    Im not too sure where it comes from but sometimes it can even be a psycological thing that needs satisfaction.
    Anyway, I'd say, just eat healthy meals, alot of vegetables, alot of fruit, drink water, excercise and.. try to find a replacement for food.
    Not that u should eat plastic or something, but i mean, get the satisfaction u get from food, out of something else. :)

  7. I'm like this too, I just don't have a problem with weight. My metabolism is fast as shit. I would just force yourself to eat healthy, I don't think you can do it any other way. And workout 2-3 times a week even if you don't want to.
  8. Yeah man that is pretty much exactly how I am with food. I'm skinny and always have been, but I can eat the whole damn house when I'm hungry. Being high doesn't help.

    The number one thing you can do to combat this is to eat more real food. Generally real food has more fiber and will help you feel more full quicker (not to mention it typically has better nutrients and fewer crap calories). Also, as a rule get the "whole wheat" or "whole grain" version of any carby thing you are eating (i.e pasta, bread, get brown rice instead of white, etc). Some foods are very filling to the point that you can't eat a huge meal if you try. Brown rice and whole wheat pasta are good examples of this. Chick peas and other beans are also very filling.

    Finally- get your vegetables. Most vegetables have little to no calories, but myriad nutritional benefits. This means that you can stuff your face with spinach and broccoli or kale and carrots more or less to your heart's content. Also, eating a small salad right before a meal is a great way to keep yourself from overeating. You need to time it properly though. If you wait too long between the salad and the meal, the salad will actually make you feel more hungry than if you didn't have it. I'm not sure about the scientific basis of the last statement, but that is my personal experience.

    I hope I helped you at least a little bit. Getting your meal sizes right is a very big step in forming a solid diet plan. You can check out my intermittent fasting thread (same board) for a couple of examples of good meals.
  9. Only bad thing about fiber is it makes you shit, which isn't always a bad thing.
  10. yeah but the shits are all soft-serve no-wipers... totally worth it
  11. "which isn't always a bad thing" I thought I put that one in there :p

    but what if you don't want to get up, thats the bad, and when you do want to get up, thats good lol.
  12. The soft serves are always brutal? The hard no fiber poopies are the no wipers

  13. Yea thats what i'm saying :confused:
  14. That's the beauty of the thing. You get no butthole stress or pain, but you never have to wipe. It's really incredible.
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    You can either ask your doctor to recommend a nutritionist or look into your local weight watchers.

    Both can teach you correct food portions/healthy eating habits/good food choices and help monitor your weight loss. If you feel it's an actual eating disorder then I suggest you look into a therapist or find a nutritionist who can counsel you as well. Good luck.

    The fact that you are overeating may be due to the types of food you are ingesting. If you are eating foods high in simple carbs or high fructose corn syrup (they usually go hand in hand) then this causes you to crave more carbs. HFC's cut off your body's ability to know when you're full. It's a double whammy that's plaguing America. Anyway... hope that helps.
  16. I'd be curious to see some legitimate research that indicates this. I used to be a big time HFCS hater, but I did some research and it turns out your body processes it exactly the same as natural sugars. The real issue with HFCS is that its so cheap that they can load food up with it.

    I still would rather have something that's not processed than something that is, but HFCS is not the evil product I once thought it was.
  17. The best advice I can probably give is to try to eat much slower. Really concentrate on what you eat and making sure you chew it well. It will help you make sure you're not just wolfing down large pieces of food which are harder to digest and you'll eat slower and it will be a lot easier to tell when you're getting full. That way you can stop eating before you're stretching your stomach and feeling bloated.
  18. It's all in ur head. If you really have to eat less I'm sure you'd be on your way as we speak?
  19. After I started the diet, I realized how much I ate last year, but the more I started working on my diet was better and he is now at the point where I do not even want to eat too. I have lost over 40 pounds.
  20. My solution to my love of food: lift heavy weights. Give it a shot, seriously. At first, I was still trying to watch what I ate, but it actually hurt me as I wasn't gaining much muscle, so now I just eat whatever the hell I want (besides junk) and love it all and get big and strong. It's pretty sweet.

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