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alpha diesel pick up...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ohide, May 24, 2010.

  1. looks nice and fluffy. hows the taste/smell?
  2. id guess its hard and compact not fluffy
    lots of trichs..........
    whats the flavor and high like?
  3. no way dude, that shit looks straight flufffffff. nice buds tho man, enjoy.:smoke:
  4. what some pics of ur home grown man
  5. it's a very fruity good taste, the smell is very skunky, it smells so gooood. it is also not very compact, instead very fluffy. This weed has given me the best high I have ever had, it was a greaaaat purchase :)
  6. yeah that looks mad fluff, in fact even the best grown diesel strains will be fluffier than alot of strains cuz of the sativa percentage. Indica nugs grow denser son
  7. Nice dank pick up bro. Enjoy!
  8. looks like some real good dank.
  9. name sounds made up but it definitely looks like some sour diesel.
  10. I'm gonna breed an Omega Diesel, cross it with this, and call it Jesus Diesel.

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