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  1. Ok so i went into the local pet store just to get the ph tester. And noticed the reptile light. (Not HEAT LAMPS) but they have CFL's with /uvb and UVA. Could one of these light work? And they also had a T5 light. Would that be in major improvement to my CFL's im using now?

    With the plants I have growing now im not to sure of the strain. Probably nothing serious. How long should I veg before switching it to flower? And how long is the flowering period on average?

    Also I went into a local garden center looking for fox farm. they didnt have it. but the had abunch of organic ferts and nutes. What are the best to use? And not just name brand the actual mix or what.Like I have heard of ppl using tea of some sort. What is this?

    And I have one plant that seems to be growing slow. Now when i planted these I put the seedlings straight into the big pot. Is this bad? I wanted to get into a big pot cause i have heard that tranplantting is bad for the plant. And can stress the plant and have them switch sexes. Any thoughts?

    Any reccomendations on seed companys? And i would like to do a short autoflower.

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  2. Oh and i also forgot to ask about with my biggest plant you can see the smaller one next to it. What should I do about this? Can I save both plants? And should I leave them next to eachother and let them grow it out?
  3. I don't know about your lighting q's, I would probably go with standard cfl's as those are tried and true, unless you can determine that the light spectrum is better.

    Flowering normally can be as short as 8 weeks and go for as longs as 12 weeks plus. I would estimate to prepare for about 10 weeks and count the the weeks of flowering and check the pistils and trichs.

    Pistils(hairs) should be amber in colour and trichs should be 50% cloudy, 50%amber, not clear. You'll just have to wait for these signs and see I guess.

    Nutes I can't help you, because those brands are not in my country. But high nitrogen (NPK) +mag/trace elemnts for vegging, and high phosphorus for flowering.

    I wouldn't transplant either, but some do as they may have many clones/seedlings whatever. In your case you need to move the small plant into another pot, taking extra precaution to protect the larger plant (sacrificing some roots of the smaller plant if needs be, it will take time to recover).

    It is not a good idea to have them in the same pot, both of them are going to struggle because of it.
  4. What would be the best nute mix to get ?-?-?

    And also how bout humidity? Is it suppose to be high or low? And what are some good ways to regulate it?
  5. ShawnB, good morning. I'm in my first grow. What I found is just as you think you have enough light....add more light. Air movement is important too. I grew my ladies without any nutes what so ever and they have been doing famously. I posted pics under "my first grow pics". Check em out. I was really nervous about the nutes because I'm a nooby so I didn't use them. I made sure my PH was 6.8-7.0 all the time and my temp was 75-82 most light times and my humidity was between 45-65%. I used Ocean forest, worm castings and perlite for my soils.
  6. As for raising and lowering my humidity..when it was low I used a himidifier and when it got too high I used air to remove it. It worked well. I'm growing in my basement so the humidity was a bit all over sometimes when it rained.
  7. I just got miracle grow for roses, dolomite lime had the trace elements. I plan to change to a lower nitrogen fert when flowering. I basically looked for the highest nitrogen/phosphorus fert I could find. There isn't a wide selection in my area.

    Humidity can be raised by watering or putting a cup/bucket of water in the grow area. Lowering could be acheived with good ventilation.

    I am a newb as well, so I was trying to help you from what I read and am doing. I am sorry I can't offer much more though I am sure you'll find answers in the stickies around this place ...and learn the answers to some other things you were unsure about in the process. The stickies usually get to the point quickly.

    If you need more clarity then, you could start posts which ask one question at a time in a specific way. Because your questioning style is probably scaring others away as they are not simple/quick/specific, not saying you can't ask a complex question ...just one at a time to attract the wiser people 'round here.
  8. I understand that with the questions... lol. not tryin to scare anyone off.
    I have heard of using a cup of water. I moved a bucket in there for the time being. Trial and error right?
    What would be considered high nitrogen?
  9. I think im gonna pick up wormcasting this afternoon. And ill check out the pics of the first grow.
  10. Hey bro get the other small one out of the pot u dnt want the roots binding up and the reptile lights should work just check there k level or light spectrum 2300 for the blue spectrum and ne where from 5600-6500k that's ur red Orange spectrum t5s help a lot for side lighting or under growth lighting man but the more the marrier keep ur cfls like 1"-3" off the plant ne more is pointless nutes go to a hydro shop n ask if they have a sample pack u could try before u drop hundreds on a line of nutes bro n water n a cup will raise ur humidity I bought a thermometer humidity scale to put up on my wall check out my grow n sub urself
  11. Oh yeah. Im about to switch to the flowering stage. And I have acouple questions about that. I got the 2700k CFL's but they are soft white. Did I get the right kind? I know i got the 2700k right im wondering about the soft white tho. I got the 23w CFL's how many do you think it would take? I grew the 3 under 2 23w CFL per plant. They are right at 45 days old. I have them in ffof. I check the ph of the water and keep it around 6.6. This is my first grow and it has come along well I just dont want to mess up the flowering stage cause of lighting. Sorry for ramblin on kinda stoned...:smoke:
    Any advice would be great.

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  12. U can switch it whenever one thing I can suggest trying is lst low stress training or try n top ur plants man and now I bought a 4 pack of both 2700k n 6500k ull be able to tell the difference one is blue tinted n the other is Orange or red man soft white I beleive is good for flowering but I deff mixed both color spectrums man I'm passing out though ill be on in the am if u need more help
  13. Would you suggest topping or LST with me about to put the plant into flower? Or should i wait for my next grow?
  14. Top one and lst another one its ur first grow get ur hiccups n mistakes out of the way man u wanna do it before u flower like a week before just remember once u flower its gonna double
  15. Thats a good idea i think i will top and lst the 2 plant s that arent doing as good.

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