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Alot of guests?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gresh, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. At any point in time theres usually like 50-100 memers on and 100-400(or more sometimes) guests on.

    How come so many people dont make accounts...?

    this isn't 4chan, stop lurking and go make fucking accounts and post.
  2. You've got to ask them, but then they won't be able to reply you since they don't have accounts so therefore this is pretty pointless
  3. Maybe under 18.

    Or people who are just not signed in.
  4. Prob 14 year olds who are curious but know they can't make an account. Isn't against rules to lurk when underage.
  5. Why does it bother you? If people want to just chill and read, that's fine with me.
  6. YAY the guy that swallowed his weed, pooped it out and smoked it is back again!!! :hello:
  7. It's a combination of lurkers, random web traffic, other passerby-ers, evil do-ers.

    I lurked the forum before like a year before I even made an account and for like another year before I even posted, but it was worth it! I welcome anyone who is interested in making an account though go ahead and do so, don't be afraid to get started posting, and there's no such thing as a stupid question, unless you didn't use the search button.
  8. I'm not sure but i wish gc would require accounts to be made to verify they are not a threat to us stoners...
  9. Why are you so excited?
  10. i use to visit wit out creating a account for a while prob doing the same thing
  11. They're following me, can't blame them...Really, I mean, I'm pretty fuckin' awesome.:cool:
  12. I was a long time lurker before I made an account.
  13. Cops. They're all cops. Hide your stashes blades :eek:
  14. I guess he... Doesn't let things go to waste.

  15. Its because theres so many god damn people curios about weed, searching on google, and getting hits to GC, the most know stoner forum. ;)
  16. I lurked like a mad man for over a year just reading, learning & experimenting with growing. I learned alot from GC and if I had a question I would type the question in google and then type grasscity and more often then not I would get the answer I was looking for right here in these very forums.

    I just recentlly made an account cuzz I felt it was the right time to come out and join this crazy community, and I'm glad I did!
  17. [​IMG]
    Hehehe that's why. :D
  18. Oh, you is clever...
  19. It's the cops.

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