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Alone or with people?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by macattack87, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. which do you prefer? toking up alone or doing it with people
  2. Depends. I love having a big sesh with all the buddies and everyone matching bowls. But I think I like driving while listening to music and smoking a percy bowl a bit better.
  3. i love smoking and drinking with the boyz but tbh i prolly prefer just gettn reallky baked by myself or with the missus
  4. I said alone, but that doesn't rule out group sessions with some friends.

    Friends are fun to get high with, but other times I prefer playing/listening to music and drawing/painting, which are kinda difficult to do when everyone is geeking out in your living room.
  5. i like to smoke with one person.
  6. i just smoked by myself and i prefer it unless i'm really cool with one person. goups i guess would be cool...does that make sense?:smoking:
  7. Both are fun but if I had to chose I'd say alone, only cause when your with people usually everyone burns out and turns into zombies and its hard to get things moving again, versus when your alone you can fully enjoy that couch lock to its fullest extent. :p

  8. Alone, but buddies are always welcome, if rarely around.:cool:
  9. i'd say alone. the only reason is cause i can play whatever music i want, and do whatever i want when i want. but smoking with friends is always fun to

  10. Missing option: Both/Either :confused_2:
  11. Why do people prefer doing it by themselves? Not saying that it's bad occasionally, but being stoned alone isn't even that great.
  12. I prefer with my friends, but alone is great too! You can get alot of thinking done. Even if you can't remember it later :smoking:
  13. Alone but I'm a naturally solitary person. But I don't turn people down if they want to blaze.
  14. with like 2 or 3 good buds i hate smoking with randoms
  15. I love both, and I couldn't do just one for the rest of my life, but ultimately I like smoking by myself. The session is all on my terms and everything is chiilll. Plus I get a little socially awkward sometimes when I'm high.
  16. I'm surprised to see how many people prefer smoking alone; I hardly ever smoke alone, there has only been a few times and even then I usually end up talking to someone right after blazing :p
  17. So is smoking an relationship-killing hobby?..xD i dont think so i met so many people though smoking ..thats incredible :)
  18. Smoke smoke too much indica dominant I presume then. Try the lovely lady when she is genuinely Sativa dominant and you'll likely think twice :)

  19. never smoked alone. ITs weird

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