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  1. Hey, I got a huge pokey cactus looking aloe plant growing now! So what can I do with it in regards to my pot plants? Any advice would be appreciated...
  2. whats big my tallest one is 4'11'' put a pic up
  3. I've read about people using the juice instead of molasses for ACT's and things of that nature. My wife has one and I'll break off little pieces for cuts, but I haven't gotten the balls yet to chop one down to get the juice.

  4. Wow, mine is like a foot high and a foot around in a big frog pot.

  5. he said a pokey cactus so i thought he just used aloe as a general term because an aloe is a succulent mine is about the same size as yours
  6. It's She.
    I'm not wanting to take pics of it, my camera is a PITA.
    It has long spears with pokey's all down each side, says aloe plant on the plastic tag.
    So...was that like an aloe test or something?

    Does anybody know why it's good in a tea, does it have a good hormone content like my willow tips do, or is it good for microgrowth, or full of vits. Anybody?

  7. oops sorry i am sure its an aloe then just pokeys no spikeys hehe says its good for colon cleanse and detoxifies hmm never knew i could eat my aloe good to know heres a link i just googled aloe vera juice and clicked this ALOE VERA JUICE BENEFITS: What You Should Know!
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  8. Hi Skunk,

    This article has a breakdown of the components found in aloe vera. Along with vitamins, hormones and amino acids there are several trace minerals.

    There is also a sugar called mannose which can substitute for the sugars in molasses in a tea. Mannose/mannitol is also found in seaweed and is the substance that acts in part as a chelating agent. [T.L. Senn in Seaweed and Plant Growth]

    Aloe Vera also contains salicylic acid (the hormone in willow tips) and is a good rooting hormone. I've been using the AV juice from Trader Joe's which is about 7-8 bucks a gallon. You can use it as a foliar or a drench and it can be mixed with liquid seaweed and/or TM-7.


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  9. Thanks for the articles to read, if it's good for me and my tortoise then it must be ok for the pot too. Think i will cut some clones this weekend and use the aloe juice with some EWC's for the dip. I'll let you know what becomes of it.
  10. i was thinkin that while i was reading chunkdaddyos post sounds like that would be good for pot i have several babies shoot from my mama aloe and nobody wants them time to break out the blender

  11. I wonder if AVs booboo healing powers work for plants.
    Then u could use it to put on the cuts u made for the clones lol.
    Watch out tho - your tortoise might grow roots !!!

  12. salicylic acid
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  13. Since salicylic acid is found in acne face washes (only about 2% though) is there any known instance of someone using facewash to for a cloning solution or is there just too many other ingredients?
  14. You're approaching the problem backwards! Instead of using face wash for plants, use willow shoots, aloe vera, et al for face wash!
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  15. Don't know about roots, but he'd look cool with pokies all over his armour! He's an organic marijuana eating dessert tortoise. Seems to like the aloe.
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    Personally speaking I was having a dismal attempt getting clones started. . . . . Used this. Now cloning is easy.

    This is also a great soak for clone and seed starting medium and after you re-pot a plant. Foliar spray? . . . . yeah, that too.
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  17. So I cut clones, dipped them in squished aloe juice, rolled them in EWC and poked them in the holes and put them under cfl's in my clone-dome. They look very happy. Might run a side by side of this method and my willow tips method and see who's fastest to take.
  18. Found a Vitamin Shoppe coupon in the Sunday circular, and got 10% off a gallon of aloe vera gel. Was only $17 after tax and hould last until the apocalypse. Very pleased
  19. Let me just blow the dust off this thread real quick :) Its several months down the road.

    SkunkPatronus if you are out there reading this, How did the Aloe + EWC cloning work out?

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