almsot burnt the house down.....3 times!!

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  1. wow...first off im blazed...2 fat blunts of Sour D...a couple yea

    my girl gets home and we decide to fry chicken...i guess we put too much grease in the pan cuz it ran over into the stove,starts smoking and flames up...its not to big so i just blow it out and move stoves...

    after like 5 mins it does it again and this time i cant blow it my girl pours water on it and it gets a 3 foot flame o the stove top its reaching my the first thing i think:"fuck...if i cant stop this firefighters/cops will be here and they will take my bong/stash"

    so i turn around and grab a empty my mind i was thinking wtf its empty what to do....then i remembered o...i have a sink lol...fill it up and pour it on the stove...luckily it goes right out

    the 3rd time is like the 1st time and i just blow it out...

    man...crazy...luckily evrything came out ok...were enjoying the chicken now :)

    but yea...crazy being stoned and having to deal /w putting out a fire 3 times..
  2. Yeah grease fire plus water equals bad news.
  3. Baking soda puts those grease fires out...
    And you have just inspired me to cook at 3 in the morning, Thank you
  4. I thought everyone already did that?
  5. fuuuuuuck
  6. I feel like that chicken was probably pretty gross...
  7. last winter we had a major ice storm and everybodys power went out for about week. I decided to be the trooper and stay at the house while everyone else went to a family friends house that had power. So i was trying to get the fireplace going with normal logs and i couldnt quite get it going (i guess the wood was still a little damp) so i ended up find one of those instant flame logs and i put 2 in there and next thing i know theres a good sized fire going except its getting a little big so i tried to move the logs around and the instant fire log fell apart and the fire just spread like crazy. So by this time its getting really hot standing infront of it so i try to move it arond some more then bam! Flames are shooting out of the fire place. So i freak the fuck out (fairly stoned) and think im going to burn down the house. So i ran outside to get some snow and eventually got it out. The only bad part was i had to open all the windows and doors to air the house out. It was very very very cold that night...
  8. When i was 7 i woke up from a nap and went to the bathroom, and noticed one of those long candle lighters.

    So i start messing with it and learn how to do it, i had seen my mom with them before, and i start putting the flame to things.

    I remember that the towels or the shower curtain wouldnt light on fire, but the second shower curtain made out of different material sure as hell did. So it burst into flames and i got scared and shut the door(big mistake) and ran back to my room(my mom was sleeping, my sister was downstairs)

    So memory gets a little foggy here but i remember my mom opening the door to the bathroom and all this black smoke just shoots out and she like stumbles back, my sister goes to get water and eventually my mom puts it out.

    We had to get the whole bathroom redone and my dad made me pull weeds for like 2 months man it sucked so bad

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