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Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Well I've stretched since I took up martial arts at the age of around seven. I gave up after two or three years for a little while and started again when I was still a relatively young whipper snapper- 14. Well I decided- hey- I'm not as flexible as I wanna be. So around three weeks ago I decided to stretch every week. Well I'm gettin pretty close now to full box splits (my main goal). SO I thought, what the fuck, I'll spend every day (apart from an allowed one day a week for recovery) stretching. My goal is to have full box by easter sunday. Here's what I got so far (amlmost there, just a few inches- gotta get there).

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  2. hey right on! lol i'm tryin to do the same thing. but i need to stretch more often! i'm not doin it enough:) good for u! good luck!
  3. i worked out yesterday and forgot to stretch after. just woke up this morning and oh my god, so much pain. but this bowl should help. the splits look painful, maybe it's cause i'm a guy but geez.
  4. haha i played badmiton for the first time in ages last sat, i woke in the morning like OW!! shows how bad my excercise has been. but im going weekly now, gonna get fit!!lol

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