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almost there...

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by hwaiii50, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. I'm just about ready to harvest...My two plants are both loaded with buds , but they're at the stage where the long white pistles are turning a brownish color. There are still white ones that haven't changed yet but the little leaves are curling and have a dew looking, sticky substance(smelly but good)...on them. All of a sudden though...some of the bigger fan leaves are getting a rust looking thing that goes through the lines of the leaves. What should I do?? Any Ideas would be a great help. This is the first time I've gotten this far, and I don't want to loose them now... Thanks Patti
  2. Sounds ok to me Im about 1 week from harvest myself,
    It is not uncommon for some/all of the fan leaves to start yellowing and dying close to harvest. Im down to pretty much buds and the leaves growing directly out of them. Sounds like your right on track.
  3. great! Thanks alot...I think I'm going to harvest them this weekend. I'm afraid of waiting to long... have a good one Patti
  4. Ya I been pinching of one of my 3 girls the last week, not quite there but SO CLOSE, its hard waiting!

    Good luck
  5. sounds like they're doing fine.......wait till approx 70-80% of those white hairs are turning brown and then harvest.........like so.....Peace out......Sid

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  6. Yep...I was doing the same thing...I finally harvested this week-end. Its been hard(very) waiting for this stage. Not much longer...they're hanging in the closet now...Do they stink? Very much...I have to stuff a towel under the door to that room and crack the window...Still waiting though**** have a good one...Patti
  7. What a cool picture...I finally harvested this week-end, They really stink!!...I'm putting towels under the door to that room and cracking the window a little. They're in the closet(hanging), I'm having a hard time waiting though...I find myself checking them like I used to check my kids at night...How much longer??? Thanks Sid...Have a good one Patti
  8. Depending on circulation and tempature usually mine are ready to smoke 1-1/2 or 2 weeks, I "test" them daily after 1 week and when they burn and leave a white ash I put them in a airtight jar. Then I keep an eye on the moisture level if I think its gettin to moist in the jar I leave the lid off for a few hours, I try to keep em ever so slightly moist but still burnable. Its a balnce that I have not mastered yet but getting better.

    Good luck
  9. That's a great pic Sid...

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