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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by celticweedlover, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. Checked the seeds today and 1 of em had germinated, it was very white and very thick too, so i put it in the pot and put it in the growroom.
    When i came back an hour later to check the temp it was hitting 90 -95F,
    I put in an extra fan and vent hole and i just checked it now and its 80f,
    What i want to know is, do i need to give it light if it didnt pop up above the soil yet?
    Im thinking No, but can any1 Tell me for sure?

    P:S: I have a good space for my next growroom, inside a wardrobe,i could grow 3, 6ft tall plants, Ill have to work on it though,
  2. Keep it in the dark till it breaks the top, put a bit of card over the top of the pot if u have 2. then as soon as it pokes it's little head up hit it with all the light u can to keep it nice and short and stocky if ur only wanna grow a short plant cus of ur space.

    i dunno wot temps are in f but try and keep it to about 22c to 24c. any hotter and it'l get to leggy and fall over.
  3. possibly put a fluro on it for a couple of days before using an HPS....or keep the HPS far away for at lest 2-3 days from surfacing, as it's a powerfull light and new stem needs to get used to it......Peace out.....Sid
  4. Thats perfect,
    How long does it usually take on average for it to pop up above the soil?
    2 more seeds germ'd today and there in the growroom too,ive seen pics of seeds and i must say these are the weirdest seeds ive ever seen,Theyre the "thai-weed" seeds i got from a bag of weed,good stuff too......................................
    im using small square pots about 4" across, are these too small?
    Cheers for the help guys,
  5. It can be as quick as the next day for a seedling to pop up..... then again i'v had seeds that i gave up on after a week used the pot for another seed then had them both come up. thats if u germ them in tissue 1st.
    I'd say a very rough guide is 2 to 4 days.
  6. Yep they should break the surface in less than a week. They dont need light before this, but I keep it on for the sake of heat(Scotland is no warmer than Ireland). Four inch pots are fine to start with, but it is good to move them to bigger, maybe ten inch pots, before the roots get cramped. With my 4oow hps this takes about three weeks.Are you cool about how to transplant ? if not just ask.
    good luck !!
  7. yes if there gonna pop out theyll usually do it in 7 to 14 days without germinating them out of the pot good luck man i dont know what your locaton is or the situation but i would get them little bitches out in the ground or at least in the pot outside always your best bet the temp here the last few days has benn around 73 f and there doin fuckin awesome
  8. :( My dad discovered the set-up today,heres the best part........hes a gardener!
    I tried my best to convince him it was tomatoes, but he looked at the seeds and started laughing,tomatoes?
    he didnt really get mad,he just doesnt want it in the house, fair enough its his house right
    but im gonna grow in my friends house, in a way bigger space too :)
    I have to get it set-up soon,before they pop-up...
    Thanks a lot for all the advice though, great help! :)
    Ill keep yee updated on my grow anyway,

    PS:: i looked at 1 of the sprouts and the root was 3" long and very,very thick but the seed was barely even cracked,Thats good compost!


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