Almost there : D 1st grow!!!!!

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    Hey GC

    So this is my first grow and while she looks a little beat she smells amazing! i think i have another couple of weeks but ill get a loupe or a pocket microscope to tell for sure. she started flowering August 7th and now shes losing all her leaves and just making buds like crazy!:smoke: The strain is called blue mystic and its mostly sativa plant, but i got it from some wack web site so who knows what it really is. hope you guys like it.

    Id also like to say thanks to everyone here for all there help and knowledge i dont think this plant would have made it without the GC so THANKS :hello:

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  2. haha yeah that might help!! I thought i did but clearly i didnt. These pics were taken with my phone so i couldnt get any good shots of the bud but as soon as i find my camera ill try getting some better shots.
  3. Blue Mystic, hell yeah.
  4. Nice looking girl my friend, give her a few more weeks.


  5. make sure to check your Ph levels, lot of yellowing leaves that could be fixed by adjusting Ph/nutes
  6. Do you think it is a nut or Ph problem?? i just figured it was her losing them for bud production. Hopefully ill for sure check the Ph today but do i really want to be adding any ferts this late in the game?
  7. Im glad someone else has heard of blue mystic and its not just me haha. Thanks thosevacanteyes i dont think she looks too bad myself :D. Ill try and get some Bud pics tonight and post them.
  8. Mine lose every leaf not dedicated to flowering production every year. The closer they get to maturity, the faster superfluous leaves die. It is an annual plant.

  9. Just let the plant do what its doing. The leaves are getting yellow because its flowering.
  10. Yeah thats what i was thinking, thanks for reassuring me though :)
  11. Did you tie it to the dowel because it was leaning? Cause mine is leaning pretty dirty...

    It is taller and less bushy, with thin leaves so i guess it's a sativa...

    I'm wondering if it's supposed to be a little bushier though... it's 3 or 4 months old

    And a male plant will still produce decent buds right? I've been feeding it and it looks healthy and beautiful, but tis a boy...

    Thanks in advance :smoke:
  12. Males dont bud they have balls uselsess and ugly, beat them up lol
  13. damn. i guess i should just kill it then..? i only grew one, and it's a male. :(

    will the leaves still get me high if i dry and cure them? is it worth the effort?
  14. Ok so it took me a while but i finally got some pics of the bud its self. Enjoy

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  15. oh yea, when i had my 5 plants 2 turned up to be male so i yanked them and dried them and got a pretty good buzz off them! they taste not very good but is pretty smooth thew a bong or bubbler. and u have to smoke several bowls to get a decent high!

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