almost smoked a bug

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  1. I was smoking with my brother, sitting on the back porch. We had already smoked several times that night, and were completely blazed. He was holding the pipe and told me to pass some bud. As I did so I noticed that I'd dropped some on the ground in front of me. He was already lighting up, so I got his attention and handed him the grass I'd picked up off the ground.

    He looked at it for a minute, and said "Dude, this is a fucking bug," laughing his ass off.

    Sure enough, I'd picked a beetle of the ground and handed it to him without realizing it. The thing was still trying to walk away, as my brother was holding it. :D

    I've never laughed so hard in my life. Of course, I was stoned, so that's not saying much :smoke:

    Have any other funny stories?
  2. omfg thats halarious

    ive been blazing all day
  3. When I was little I ate a June bug...
    but that doesn't go into the stoned category:rolleyes:
  4. Like when chong smokes the stink bug lol
  5. I've found one of those little black beetles in a sack before. It's funny what a dealer will do inorder to shave off a tenth of a gram.
  6. glad you liked it

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