Almost riots in stockport, UK over cannabis cafe

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  1. High All,

    Please look at the folliwing link and see what has been done to a mediweed campaigner in the UK today.

    And I thought we lived in a civilised country.

    Can I ask you all to e-mail as many people as possible and tell them whats happening in Stockport and ask them to -

    Contact their MPs if you live in the UK.

    e-mail the UK Home Secretary and Stockport police wherever you live.

    Do whatever else they can.

    Below is a rough transcript of a question asked in todays Prime Ministers Question time in the UK from a posting by Mark Gibson, LCA medical Spokesman of the LCA-UK.

    I turned the TV for 5 minutes this afternoon just in time to see Tony Blair
    being asked a question by the Scottish MP for the constituency where Biz, (CanaBiz, a MS sufferer and heroic mediweed campaigner who lives in the Orknies, Scotland),
    lives asking

    'are you aware of the plight of my constituent, Biz Ivol, a 54 year old MS
    sufferer arrested for use of cannabis, which she takes medicinally? Can the
    Prime Minister tell us when such an obvious scandal is going to be redressed
    by a change in the Law?' (or words to that effect)

    relpy by Tony Blair

    'i am aware of some situations in which cannabis can be of benefit
    medicinally and of course we are looking at this at the moment. When we have
    enough information, which we don't at the moment, we will make a decision.
    Meanwhile though i am sure many people feel sympathy for your constituent
    this has to be left in the hands of the Law enforcement agencies not the

    What a load of crap from the PM.

    Let's give them hell.

    Highest Regards,

    Phil L

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