Almost Ready to Harvest:)

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  1. Ok, i have 1 purple kush, 1 ak, and 1 top44... under 160w and 4x28w all clf... nutes foxfarm big bloom

    They have prob another 2-4 weeks left, lost track of when i started flowering but theres only a few amber colors so iv got time.

    question is what should i do to make my nuggs more potent and more weight?

    also, what is the water curing tech? where you soak it for 7 days? i tried to find info but no luck.

    Thanks for the help
  2. fuck the water cure, IMO. As far as weight and potency goes just let them finish, 65+ days of flowering should be plenty.
  3. my friend used the water curing tech once for me when he was drying for me. you dont soak the buds but rather you suspend the buds over a body of water (bucket, jar, exc...) this plumps up the bud a lil bit but honestly i dont think its worth the time and hassle to do it. it also increases rick or mold if you arent careful. if i were you i would just let them finish and dry and cure them regualrly. happy harvest :)
  4. ok. sounds good. Thanks guys... I'll post pics when i get a little closer.
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