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  1. This is my first real grow and on Saturday I will have been flowering for 8 weeks exactly. They look pretty much done to me and I'm planing on chopping them down this weekend. I know I'm not gonna get allot off of these plants but it was my first grow and I've [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] learned allot so I'm happy, gonna upgrade my lights and try again. I've attached pictures of all three plants, the two smaller plants still have really green leaves but I think that's because I gave them extra nutes that the other plant didn't get. All the plants are the same age. What do you guys think should I chop them this weekend or do they need more time?
  2. Yea u need more light a little stretched out

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  3. honestly. Looks like you grew it in your windowceil or something, but for that its good.
    You look like you'll be lucky to get a whole oz off all the plants tho.
  4. I know I only had a two small lights, I'm currently researching better lights, I was more just wondering if the buds are done yet

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  5. I would wait 3-7 days then chop I still see some white hairs

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  6. Ok thanks for the advice !

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