Almost ready? Should i flush now??

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  1. Hey blades!

    I am nearing week seven of flowering, and the girls are looking and smelling great, but being my first monitored grow I am unsure of timing.

    This is a 7-8 week strain, and the mother finished early ish.

    Anyway, this Sunday is week 7, should I flush tonight at watering time? Or should I wait untill I see a bit more change?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks

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  2. I have read all over that you should harvest when around 85% of the trichs are amber/cloudy. You could look into that.
  3. [quote name='"BudMASTAH"']I have read all over that you should harvest when around 85% of the trichs are amber/cloudy. You could look into that.[/quote]

    Thanks, I've got harvest time figured out, I'm actually wondering if I should be flushing the nutes out now, or if I should push them as long as possible
  4. I think u used the lens in a wrong way... it's not zoomed anything
  5. Make shure that trichs are 50%cloudy and some to be amber. But theres a diffrence between trichs and the red hairs wich i forggot what there called.... Sorry i have a weed hangover. But if u ur doing soil u need to flush about 2 weeks in advanced also let it dry out compleatly for another week, if u do hydro tap water only for 4-7 days prior to harvest check ph, might dry for 3-5 hrs prior to cutting doun.
    Hope this helps
  6. also, your pistils should be retracting back into the calyx... once they're tucked back in that's a good sign your nug is dense and ready to harvest
  7. Thats what the red hairs is calle pistils!
  8. Thanks hellmutt
    I think I'll flush now and let it go without nutes from now, I might have to harvest a couple days early cuz I need it dry and curing before my vacation in September

  9. Its always better to wait longer, but its really ur call because of ur situation with vac.
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    Ya I trust my house sitter to water and feed, but not crop out, that would be stupid of me lol.

    I need I cut them at latest sept 8th, here's hopeing they finish fast like mommy did
  11. pictures when you cut :p would love to see the result
  12. does not even look ready bro seriously if anyone here says thats ready u are high .
    Dude run that plant for 9 1/2 to 10 weeks ripen her up at wk 8 then plane water last 2 weeks ZERO food u will b happy day 1 wk 9 flower is a total different then day 7 wk 10 please trust me i pull'd early few crops back like wk 8 shit NOPE i lost out on the true finish for me tis works great they will yellow hard after week of plane water most strains . and about day 4 of wk 10 shit looks hagg but that last week or so changes are drastic on daily basis
  13. Look's like week 4 to me there's no way these people telling u otherwise are full of it i don't have a zilion post here but dude

  14. does it really that that much to get 80% red hairs? I though it was faster
  15. its all about the trichs dude, dont waste the last weeks of your grow when you have done all this to get there it will be pointless.

    my grow now i will be harvesting branch by branch to make sure every part of these girls are done perfectly...

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