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  1. I'm almost ready to order my stuff to start my first personal grow. I'm looking to do 6 plants at the same time, and I'm looking to do either 6 of Short Stuff Seeds Snowryder Feminized or 6 of BUDDHA SEEDS WHITE DWARF FEMINIZED AUTO inside of a LOWRYDER DELUXE SOIL VERSION, NO HYDROPONICS - Detailed item view - Grow Boxes at Great Prices with the lights replaced with 105w CFL's (6500k and 2700k, right?) from Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs | CFL | Lamps | Energy Saving | ... Does anyone think I should do something differently?
    ultimately, my goal is this...

    Cost effectively get as much of a yield as possible in a small stealthy space, ideally indica plants (shorter plants, more lax buzz for me), under the most stealthy and low maintenance/handywork setup possible...
    Any ideas where I could touch things up? save money? buy a different premade? buy better/different seeds for what I'm looking for? Help me out here, GC. I'm looking to be enlightened, I'm loving all that I'm learning on here :p
  2. Looks a little small to do 6 plants. Im growing 4 White Widow plants and most of the space in my grow tent is used up by the pots. My next batch is starting to sprout .. Afghan Kush Ryder auto flowering. The Autos will be a faster grow.

    On the lights you will need more then one if your growing 6 plants. For my 4 white widows I have like 10 35 watt CFLs and a LED panel above it. When I get to flowering gonna fire up my 400 watt HPS tube.

    Grow tents can be cheaper as well for that box. They sell pretty small ones if you look. Stealthy is all relative as well. You can put a small grow tent in a closet, bathroom etc.
  3. I'll have 6 105W's... 3 6500 and 3 2700.

    Should I go Hydro instead?...
    And I've looked a bunch of places for a small and cost efficient tent that comes with everything I need, but I never know what's good for me... Blech... I've sunk days and days into reading, but this is all coming to me so slowly. Every reply from someone helps though, so keep em up. Thanks :)
  4. You just have to go with it and work from there. Everyones situation is different. At first I was going to buy a premade box but then I took the leap and bought everything I needed and put it all together. Its been a awesome experience so far. I am new to it as well. I feel like a mad scientist!

    I made alot of mistakes early on but that is a awesome thing only way you will learn. Take the leap man stop waiting and just do it!

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