Almost Pulled A Limb Off

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ccsavage, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. I was attempting to tie my liberty liberty haze down today and on the first limb I noticed I was starting to pull it out of its socket so to speak. I stopped and tie it up instead to close the wound.  It sucks to learn this way.  Did I fuck up or will it be fine?  Anyone?

  2. was it just a growth or the main stem?
  3. if was main stem u can tie it back togather and it should heal..... if was a growth off the main stem ur plant will be just fine without it but if u can save that too if it wasnt completely broken off .. plenty of time for new growth my friend..
  4. "but you can save that too" i meant
  5. Thanks. Yea. It was a main branch and it started to pull off where it comes out of the main stem. I just tied it up and it closed right up.   Dammit man!
  6. well dude plants can heal just as humans if "stiched" up correctly.. u know if u ever been drunk and got a bottle busted over ur face.. stitches done right doesnt leave much of a scar if any at all.. :p dnt worry my friend.. ive never been to med school.. but bet i could stitch up a wound (if its not life threatening) and somebody trusted me to do so..but thats a whole other story.. good luck and seems you did the right thing patching it up asap!..
  7. Thanks man. Second season for me and so far full of lessons and challenges. Gonna practice some LIFTA for awhile..haha
  8. lol just googled LIFTA.. u talkin about jerusalem or some shit? idfhac!!(i dn have a fukin clue)
  9. Some dude on here told me to do that awhile ago....said it means "leave it the fuck alone"  haha! 
  10. in that case u meant "LITFA" not LIFTA i got u now lol..
  11. Didn't see this was in the Cultivation section and was expecting a crazy ass story involving heavy machinery or something 
  12. Haha. Yea litfa..that's better. 
  13. as thurgood would say.. "u done smoked urself retarded"  lol
  14. I have come close. I gotta right shit down these days. Lol
  15. get the scotch tape out fast

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