Almost No Bongs with Sliders on GC

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    I'm shopping around for my first bong, ideally I'm looking for a nice glass bong with percolator, ice notches, and a slider. I wanted to buy it from GC but it lookd like they don't have much of a selection of bongs with sliders. I'm trying not to spend over $150. Any suggestions? Also, I was thinking that if I don't find a bong I like, maybe I would get a Vapir One vaporizer or some other vaporizer in the around $150 price range. Thoughts???

    Right now I'm considering these...

    I like these next ones so much....if only they had sliders....
  2. Donno about vapes, but if you looking for slider gongs, check out grasscity. I don't like carbs either so I know how you feel.
  3. I would not buy anything you posted all of those are cheap glass and over priced for what they are. I would recommend the EHLE posted above. EHLE is a quality company and that is a thick bong.
  4. I just bought the blazing skull 5mm one, except mine is a beaker bottom. I don't see how you can go wrong with the flaming skull because it's 5mm glass, has an ash catcher, and is really cheap. EHLE is great too tho
  5. the 2 on the bottom that you listed have slides. the 2nd one has a 1 piece AC slide

  6. yup..

    and has anyone even ever hit a bong with a carb? I've seen one my whole life and I picked another piece to smoke out of instead of using it..
  7. I'd recommend going to a local shop instead, I like to inspect the piece. Avoid 3.2mm glass, you want at least 5mm.

  8. +1

    If your looking for a vape, id recommend the vapolution, glass on glass vape for $150, ive had one for about a year, works great.

    Northern California herbal vaporizers- Vapolution Vaporizer
  9. im ordering that flaming skull one after i get my paycheck. like it comes with a precooler and a perc bong gong and everthing. and for only about 60 maybe 70 something with shipping and shit. im getting that asap. looks like a hitter too :smoking:

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