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    Mr. Rogers, in 1969, went to the Washington to ask for funding for his children's TV program.

    He recited the words to this little song, whose lyrics the children helped provide...
    "What do you do with the mad that you feel?"
    His program, he said, offered something besides shooting each other "with the mad that you feel." That, said Mr. Rogers, was what children saw on all the other other TV programs.

    He got $20 million in 6 minutes.


    N0 hype.
    No promises.
    No big words.

    P.S. Why Mr. Rogers got into television in the first place...

    "I got into television because I hated it so," he said. "And I thought there was some way of using this fabulous instrument to be of nurture to those who would watch and listen."

    (I can't embed the video, but it's right near the top)

    And those jerks at Fox had the nerve to rip on him and make fun of him. Really hurts me.
  2. Mr Rogers'll cap a bitch
  3. yeah he was a really good guy, who probably made a difference in a lot of kids lifes.. wish I would have watched it more as a kid.

  4. i love, he was a saint...

    i used to watch him while i ate breakfast when i was little...dude made me who i was today (a kind gentle person not wanting to hurt anyone)...

    what did fox news rip on him for (sorry for some reason the link kept timing out)??? thats fucked up to rip on
  5. he's chill, i dont got a problem with em, seen em when i was growin up as well. although i cant say he's changed my life in any significant way
  6. i heard he was in the vietnam war and was a sociopath.
  7. Some Fox reporters blamed Mr. Rogers because he told all the kids they were special, then they grew up and didn't do anything with their lives. I think.
  8. Mr Rogers would cap a bitch though... Im sure of it..
  9. dude, I wasn't grow up in western country but this guy was definately a nice guy, i watched all the comments from Youtube and I have no doubt about it. I hope I was grow up with him. Totally respected.
  10. Man Fox news can go fuck itself...
  11. i'm lost.. when did fox news hate on mr. rogers? mr. rogers was cool but i must be too young because I don't really remember watching it, but i know i did. all i can remember is him playing the piano and a green street light for some reason, haha.
  12. yeah I saw this on digg.

    man, mr rogers was the best man alive. no one like him in the world.
  13. Urban legends

    Fred Rogers has been the subject of a few urban legends. Among the urban legends and rumors about Rogers<sup id="_ref-snopes_0" class="reference">[19]</sup> is that he served in the military around the era of the Vietnam war, he was a Marine sniper, or a Navy SEAL. Rumors to this effect have been completely discounted as being false on urban legend verification websites<sup id="_ref-snopes_1" class="reference">[19]</sup>. It is also false that he wore long-sleeved cardigans to cover tattoos on his arms. His military service is not mentioned in any biographies, and there is no period of time unaccounted for where he could have been involved in war efforts. During most of the Vietnam conflict, he was fully dedicated to his television show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and before that, around the start of Vietnam, he was living and working in Canada, and was working on getting rights for his show and moving it to Pittsburgh.

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