almost lost my whole stash!

Discussion in 'General' started by mediumtoker, May 12, 2010.

  1. so i still live with my mom and im going to highschool(18) and i had came back from school stoned today cause i had smoked with my friends embetween classes.

    SOo i come back she can tell im stoned and she just fuckin snaps and says THATS IT IM TAKING YOUR STASH! and i am like O SHIT FUCK!!! and she went into my room and i just fuckin rushed in there and showed saw she had gotten a lil bit of my shit so i show her this draw witha bunch of kief and give her that

    and she thought that was it :D

    after shej left i made sure i still had my jar full of weed and that huge chunk of hash sitting ontop of it rofl

  2. Your mom pinched your stash.
  3. lol what if it was all just part of her plan and she knows where all your shit is and is just waiting until your at school tomorow?

    lol just kidding, man that would suck
  4. But... the poor kief ): You got the best of it back, or kept it, but still, I love my kief...
  5. Reclaim that shit!
  6. haha shes burnin it riihh now
  7. Go rummage through her room now, beware of the inevitable dildo hiding in the dresser.
  8. Careful, it hasn't been washed in weeks
  9. You do know that your mom is just messing with you to get free weed.

    You realized you gave her your keif.

    You shoulda said Mom chill out ill pack a bowl with a little hash and keif on top.

    Everyone wins!
  10. Imma smoke a bowl for that poor poor keife
  11. I'm not :(

  12. I will, as well.

  13. ill blow the rest of this 2 gen el for it

  14. lol



    Damn, this thread is progressing nicely :smoking:
  15. I feel you man, she sounds like such a stupid whore. Glad you got your stash. :)
  16. Learn how to fucking spell. 2 gram L? Was that what you were trying to type? el is not how you spell L. Its just L. bLunt. I dont care how high or drunk you are. Not trying to sound like a dick, I just am one.
  17. i i got more hash*( it was bubble hash not kief >.< sry) and when i made this thread i had smoked a bowl then walked away and forgot that i had made this thread lol and iv smoked multiple jays with her since then

    AWW EEHH RAH EWW No my i had looked for some of my books that were in one of her shelf and i found my book right next to the condoms lol wtf




  18. Yeah dude! Fuck that stupid whore who dresses him and feeds him and lets him live under her roof most likely free of charge! Fuck that stupid whore who raised him and took care of him for 18 years! I mean Jesus, what a selfish bitch!!!! :rolleyes:

    And dude she is gonna do something with all that kief. Roll a blunt with some kief sprinkled on it and be like "TRY THIS" :cool: :smoking:

  19. i wasint even pissed at her lol i wasint aloud to smoke on weekdays while schools goin and now schools ovr and im fuckin smokin weed everyday gotta love FRU TAY :smoke:
  20. [​IMG]:eek:

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