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Almost Legal

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by HollyweirdCA, Aug 5, 2011.

    Hello, just joined this forum, I've been browsing as a non-member and I just had to join. Lots of cool people/good information here. Anyways, onto my story.

    Just moved to Los Angeles, California (Burbank) over a month ago. I love it here. I love the environment, the weather, the free-spirited people. I love how the bums are almost always kind, but I hate the fuggin' traffic.

    First off, let me say I DIDN'T move here because of Medical Marijuana. I actually (like a huge portion of the population) moved here to pursue acting, and because Ohio was boring as hell, and the weather was ugly during every other season except summer...BUT, I did smoke marijuana back in Ohio. Not all day, but at least once a day because it helped me get a good nights sleep (seriously). I have gone to the doctor back at home for problems with my inability to sleep, and stay asleep. I definitely have insomnia, I've tried a few of the prescription drugs for it, and they all made me feel weird/didnt work. I basically hate non-natural substances, and believe marijuana is a cure all.

    So I frequent Venice Beach a lot. Haha, I'm sure you know where this is going. I noticed the first time I was there that there were a few "MMJ" clinics. This was so exciting to me, in the sense that (at least out in Venice) there is this free-spirited, diverse, cool feeling energy, and that I see people openly toking there all the time.

    And not doing much research into it all, I gather my medical records concerning my insomnia, get my primary physician information and head to the "Medical Kush Dr" (or Venice Beach Physicians). I ask her what the deal is, she explains that you fill out the paper work, and see a doctor for a evaluation, and if you qualify can be legal today. I guess I was kind of ignorant, and not thinking at the moment. I haven't smoked in about 3 weeks (I ran out of my stuff a week after moving here), and have been getting horrible sleep, and can barely make it through the day without feeling sluggish. So I fill out the paperwork, see the doctor, show him my records, talk to him about my insomnia, etc. He checks my blood pressure, heart rate, listens with his stethloscope for any respiratory illness/problems, and asks me the usual "are you in good health? any illnesses/allergies/ashtma? have you use marijuana before? etc.

    After an evaluation, and a decent length chat, he fills out the paperwork, his signature, license number, etc for my rec.

    I'm on my way.

    And now, after paying 100$, I'm reading about how a lot of people say that going to these kinds of doctors isn't legitimate, and that my card isn't worth crap to any dispensary. I'm mad at myself, because I have a legitimate reason as to why I use MJ. Not going to lie, I do enjoy the high, but it really does let me rest easy at night, and allows my mind to shut down and drift off so I can sleep.

    So my question(s):

    1. Will I be able to successfully purchase from dispensaries? I know you have to have a valid CA license (which I didn't know before) The Medical Kush Dr clinic gave me a rec with my Ohio license! I'm actually getting my CA license on Monday.
    2. Did I make a huge mistake getting my rec from that sort of establishment? (I honestly was ignorant to all of this, and didn't realize how many different places you can get a card from. I hardly ever notice medical marijuana clinics, so I figured "hey, while I'm at the beach, why not get my rec?")
    3. If I am declined to shop at dispensaries, do you think I'd be able to go back to the place where I got this rec and demand my money back, and threaten to report them? (I guess this sound silly, but this would piss me off if I can't actually alleviate my problems even though I went through the whole process, had my medical records, AND paid the 100$ to get my rec.)

    I regret doing it this way, but like I said, I was ignorant to it all. I'm still adjusting to California, and feel that I've made a mistake...please let me know that I'll be able to purchase successfully. I'll NEVER go to that place again, and when getting my renewal will go to a trusted, legitimate establishment.

    BTW, I checked the doctor out and his license is VALID in CA until 2013, so at least he is a real doctor, but I do see why it's ridiculous that he probably hands out prescriptions to anyone that has cash and is willing to give it up.

    I apologize for the long post, again. Most of you probably saw it's length and backed out haha, but to those that responded, I thank you.

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