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almost just got caught..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bamf64, May 9, 2011.

  1. ok so im sitting here watching a yellowstone nature show (its fuckin awesome btw) i decide to clean my bong. i get it all clean and JUST as im drying my askcatcher in the far corner of my room my brother walks in WITHOUT FUCKING KNOCKING and i quickly look up and shove it under my pillow. he asked "do you have a ball for apollo?(our dog)" and i was like no i dont think so and he just sorta walked around to the corner of the room im in (which is pointless to stand in because theres just a side table there next to my bed) and he looked around i realized i had a fucking ball of resin sitting on a toothpick right on the floor and he fuckin got up and walked out. didnt say one thing. however the cabinet he was right next to had all of my bud/pipes/bongs in im packing all of it up and moving it to a safer spot where he wont look...mega sketch..

    this ever happen to any of you guys?
  2. Negative ghost rider. I wouldn't really be tripping if it was my bro though, even if he didn't smoke weed. If it was a parent, different story, but then again i dont know your bro.

    Closest thing for me is either walking in the house (which is the kitchen from the back door) right after blazing, and my mom being there, or wrapping my lighter in hemp wick and my mom walks in. I bet she knows, however there hasn't been any encounter with me actually toking and her walking in on me, or seeing actual weed/paraphernalia. However, she would have to be extremely ignorant to not connect the dots :p
  3. this made me laugh. :smoke:

    yeah ive only done that once walking in right after. doesnt seem to be a problem!

    yeah my bro is about 10 times worse than my parent..i live with my mom and she lets me blaze and doesnt care but my bro has caught me and told my dad BEFORE and i got in HUGE trouble. so if he caught me again hed tell my dad and id hav to go to milit. school
  4. yeah my brother is against weed and would deff tell my parents hes drank...never smoked...i told him he needs a wife lol (hes 31)

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