Almost head-on car crash

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  1. I can't even think right now.

    But, earlier today, my friend was driving stoned, and turned at an intersection. As she was turning she was waving and honking at her mom in a car, and she almost head-on hit this other lady, as she was honking and the lady in the car was all "AAAAAAAH" and we were all "LOOOOOK OOOUT". The expression on the ladies face was fucking priceless.

  2. This reminds me when in The Hangover and Doug almost hits the 18-wheeler and Alan says that its sweet and everyone is all like oh shit. And you would be Alan. If that makes sense at all.
  3. you are one brave motherfucker, OP. i don't like getting into a car piloted by a woman - especially if she's stoned.

    that said, i was almost in a head on accident once. if i hadn't swerved at the last moment, i'd be dead.
  4. Near collisions are some scary stuff. I've had my share unfortunately.

    It's really crazy to think that a slight movement of a wheel, mechanical failure, or single second in time can can cause a fatal accident. We also trust every other person around us not to be a psychotic moron.
  5. Not me lol.
    I think every driver on the road as horrible drivers until they prove to me otherwise.
    Keeps me alert to any dumb shit they might be pulling.
    (And I'm not saying I'm the best driver, either.)
  6. thats how i view driving. i no longer trust anyone to be able to stay in their own lane, avoid rear-ending me, etc.

  7. A good point and I feel the same. I was more trying to say we put our trust in them enough to get behind the wheel and drive in fast metal death machines along side each other.
  8. Bahaha. All most all of my stoner friends are females. :smoking:
  9. That's why people shouldn't drive stoned.
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    you can't assume everyone behind the wheel knows how to drive properly...
  11. or drive, right? :p

  12. lol..

    got me...:devious:
  13. That's a drag man. I think stoned women in pecticular have endangered many a stoners in vehicles. I was on the freeway going to a hookah bar once and this girl was driving. We merged onto the highway and she just fucking went over and this kid in the backseat was like "whoooaaa.." And then everyone freaked out since the side mirror was literally touching a giant suv next to us, she just jerked the wheel and we fishtailed around, but she saved it.

    See, that's why I only trust my stoned driving. No one elses, atleast ill be alert in their car. I dig driving high. I get better gas mileage, and I pay more attention to laws I normally wouldn't (eg: full stops at stop signs/Michigan u-turns or whatever)

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