Almost Harvest Time - Pineapple Express, ICE, Cheese

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by craven, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Hey Everyone,
    Havent been on here in a while but I figured I would give you a look at what is going on.

    Strains are:
    Pineapple Express (G13 Labs)
    Cheese (G13)
    Ice (Nirvana)

    (Ignore the ugly tall one, its a CH9 Silver haze and im throwing it away, it has been retarded from seed.)

    5 gal pots
    tomato cages
    Chicken wire screen for each plant
    complicated soil mixture - not using it in the future.
    GH nutes
    1600W Hps Cooled
    lots of fans

    Any questions, I am happy to answer - Just post up.

    Here are some shots - Harvest guesses? lol

  2. looking great, i'd get a scope and look at the trichs, but definitely flush and push em maybe 2 more weeks. the calyxes will swell up real nice, sucks to wait but its worth it,
  3. Thanks Crush,
    Oh ya, Im 2/3 weeks out still on those ones. Trichs are almost all cloudy, 20% clear if I had to pull a number out of the air. I want about 20-30% amber :)

    So probably another feeding or 2, then flushing. They are drinking heavily lately.

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