Almost Harvest Time. Help!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by growyerown, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Could one of you experts out there help me figure out what's up with my baby girl.
    I'm only about 1-1.5 weeks away from harvest, so I don't know if I should just wait it out or try corrective measures.

    The tips of many of my leaves are browning, and the lower fans leaves are progressively turning yellow and then falling off.

    Here is the upper bit of the plant:

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  2. whatup

    man this is totaly normal
    u better cut those lower fan leafs and thats it!
    your baby looks perfect
    u should just chill and wait)))
    looks like it can take more that 1.5 weeks too many fresh flowers there
    what strain is that?

    BTW do u flush it?
    if u dont u better start now
  3. Glad to hear this is normal! I'm sure that new growers like myself drive all you veterans crazy with our worries about the first grow, but trust me when I say WE APPRECIATE ALL THE ADVICE.

    I will cut the yellow fan leaves and wait. The strain is the BC purple phenos yet, though.

    I flushed it about 3 days ago.....the trichomes are finally starting to kick in now.

    I think you are right about more the 1.5 weeks left. The flowering time on these are supposed to be 7-8 weeks, and I am just approaching the 6th week.....I will be patient, but fuck, it sure is hard when I am totally out of smoke!!! :cool:
  4. lol, yeah it is tough to wait when it gets close.. but it WILL be worth it!! a early plant will taste green and the thc and cbd levels really rise in the last few weeks. a easy beginners way of telling if she is done is wait untill roughly 60% of your hairs turn brown, if you want to get super accurate get a mag. glass and keep a eye on your tricomes, when they start turning color then she is PRIMO!!! hope this helps good luck man

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