Almost Harverst Time!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by rlw, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. Looks like just about one more week and these girls are *history* - man, I can't wait to be smoking my very own stealth-grown stash!!

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  2. looks good....what strain?....and how long has it been flowering?.....Peace out....Sid
  3. Not sure about the strain, it was some bagseed from a friend. Looks to be sativa-dominant from the length and width of the leaves. Started the flowering cycle 10-Jan-03, we're at 42 days and counting.

    Here's another pic, please excuse the orientation, the forum software is somewhat stupid and keeps rejecting my vertically-oriented pic. This bud is not really that brown, the side-firing 250W HPS colors the pic...

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  4. And another...

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  5. you might find that in a week it might still want more time for 75% of the pistols to turn brown, or are you harvesting early on purpose to get a cerebral high? looks...gooooood...Peace out....Sid
  6. Thanks for the input, Sid. I will definitely bide my time, I'm looking for maximum stoniness, and other week or two probably won't kill me...

    But, I may be mortally wounded [smile]

    Last pic, for now...

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  7. yeah the wait is the hardest part....especially when you know that even now you'll get a buzz but not the same....just don't go pinching little buds here and there or you'll end up with nothing to out....Sid
  8. i am guessing based on those pics that that still has at minimum 2 1/2 wks still. what strain?
  9. The strain? The infamous "BagSeed", I believe. It is now almost 1 week later than when I took the pics, and the big buds are not ready for harvest - your estimate will probably be pretty close.

    However, I have been blessed with a handful of lower buds that were ready - they're drying right now and the smell (and anticipation) is driving me fuggin' nuts!!

    Soon, my pretties, soon......
  10. lood like your going ot have some nice buds there
    How's the smell ?
  11. lood like your going ot have some nice buds there
    How's the smell ?
  12. MMMMMMMMM...... Beautiful plant my friend :) Like Sid said, you'll probably being picking off little buds ;) Later Doja
  13. Hang on one second....(He reaches over and snags a bud from the box. Gives a little squeeze and then sniffs.....)

    Hmmmmm, smells a little "piney" with maybe a hint of "pepper" - I guess we'll dub this "PepperPot", waddayathink?

    Damn, but I do love this shit!!

  14. They'res already something called pepperhead, i made a Previous post about it......i think that has to do with the fasion of growing though...

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