Almost got violated by my probation officer.

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  1. Last night, my probation came to my house at 11:00 to check if I was there, and I was spending the night at my friends house. I got woken up by my friend and she said my mom was here, I walk outside and there are two cops in a black supercharger and my probation officer. She starts bitching cuz my curfew is 9:00 and shit, then she asks the cops if she should take me in, and the one cop says:"Its fine by me." He was a fucking asshole. But I got to go home and now i need 30 hours community service done by the time i see her next month.
  2. how did you almost get violated? am i missing something?

  3. yeah, im not hating on you, but you didnt do what you were supposed to do and you go the receipt. Sucks though.
  4. Ya, take it from me you do not want to mess up while on probation. Sounds like your PO is pretty strict as it is. Lucky for me when I was on probation I had a pretty chill PO but part of the reason for that was I didn't give him any reason not to be.
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    your like the dumbass who commits crimes then bitches how unfair it is when they get caught

    the title made me think your PO tried to molest you
  6. yeah stop bitching your fuckin fault bro
  7. Glad you didn't get in trouble.My probation officer is the D.A
  8. I think the title should be "I almost violated my probation".....

  9. lololololololollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllolololllolololllllllolololollololollolllllollolollllolollololllol
  10. Sure isn't the brightest bulb in the grow room:rolleyes:
  11. Yea dude you fucked yourself. No ones fault but your's you chose to sleep at your friends house.

    Btw your lucky she didnt get to your friends house earlier since i have a feeling you were under the influence of some illegal things at the time, and she could have fucked you over even more.
  12. 5 bucks says the "98" in his username implies the year he was born.....

    Would make the OP 13 years old.....

    I expect dumb shit from 13 year olds. They have no sense.
  13. I thought his probation officer had gone all Penn State on him....:confused:
  14. I would of thrown ur ass in county u would of learned obviously didn't learn being on paper. Get ur shit done then have ur fun do the crime pay the price learn before u one of those dumbass who mtr
  15. Rimshot! Nice topical humor there but its actually Jerry Sandusky violating people not a whole university:rolleyes:

  16. haha I thought the same thing.

    when I read the title I thought the OP was going to say his probation officer was coming on to him, or shaking him down, or giving him anal cavity searches or something...
  17. Sorry about that, did not mean to demean the whole place:eek:. My English teacher and soccer coach in high school had been kicked out of Princeton for similar activities (back in the 50's when they kept things like that really quiet). We got a fantasic English teacher, but they watched him like a hawk.
  18. You're right, she did violate you. Next time tell her "no means no" and hopefully that'll teach her. Shake your fist at her while doing it, too.

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