Almost got robbed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by AntiErix, May 18, 2010.

  1. Ok so i and my family own a headshop/Adult store where we sell pipes next to dildo's lol

    So last night around 2am two crackheads were trying to break in and i have 2 employees that stay in the building and watch it at night and live there rent free. Cause they come mow my yard and do work around my house and i give them free rent and a job. So they where sleeping and they heard some banging on the door like some one was trying to get in so they got up one went out the back door and the other went to the front and one of the ill call him Jeff saw two guys trying to open the door so he opend the door and just jumped on and just jumped on one of them and started laying a smack down on him. The other guy trying to get Jeff off of his friend.So while this was going on my other worked ill call him ted came around the building and saw what was going on and ted grabbed the other guy and fucking maced him. They go them down and called the cops and asked if i wanted to press charges i didn't cause they looked awful after that beating and if they give me any shit i can pick up the charges agine aslong as it has not been a year this a state trooper told me.

    i just thougt this was funny and wanted to share.

    Also they didnt even hurt the door no damage was done just trying to break in and they failed. Also where the fuck u gonan sell dildo's and pipes on the streets in kentucky and not get caught.
  2. ill see if i can get a pic of the two guys tha tryed to break in later ;D
  3. lol i miss going to the store at 4 am in poland and making people wake up so i can buy soda
  4. I don't know what to say....

    It was indeed a cool story, bro! No bullshit! :)

    Glad everyone's safe.

  5. Yea im glad every thing went smoth
  6. Where in KY, man? I live in Louisville in the summer and go to school in Richmond the rest of the time
  7. Did you know there are little symbols used to create a pause in between sentences? They could also be used to seperate sentences! You must spread the word, for our ancenstors wisdom seems to be fading away every waking hour.

  8. My grammer is horried i use a speller checker also spelling math and grammer all suck but everything else is good so yea.
  9. lol .

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