Almost got my ass busted last night!

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  1. So my best smoking buddy finally moved back to town and ironically came to my work asking for a job. Well we got in touch again and he invited me over to kick it. First I have to add that my parents were way suspicious why I wanted to go hang with this guy. They know he smokes and are totally against it and they kept like telling me not to let him smoke around me and be careful and be safe shit....I told them I'm a big girl, I can take care of my own ass.
    I get over there we imediatedly hop in the car drive to the bank and meet up for a hook up with his guy. We get a g of some dank bud for only 5$! The genious selling it must have been high or sumthin cuz he gave us back 35 out of 40 bucks and my bud even asked if that was right and he said yeah so we just said well fuck it and took our g back to the house. I hadn't smoked for like a whole year (a combo of my fiance gets fuckn pissed if i smoke, my smokin buddy moved, im poor, and my other connect got his ass picked up in a raid).
    Anyways so my tolerance was like buddy packs a bowl in the bong and lets me get greens, aint he a gentleman letting the lady take first greens, anyways I haven't hit a bong in forever and my lungs just plain suck from asthma so I always have a hard time clearing the chamber. I hit it and actually clear the chamber for once but then my buddy did like the stupidest thing ever and smacks my back and says something like "now thats my girl" which subsequently made me choke and cough for the next 5 minutes. Anyways I was definetly feelin it after two bong hits and then he goes and packs his pipe and I hit that a couple of times. So I am feeling AWESOME at this point. We go out and just sit at his table doing nothing....then he starts up the pipe again and I pass on it cuz I know I am gonna be waaaay too fucked up if I try to go home after more. Anyways after a lot of that wonderful stoned silence hahaha anyways I finally had to go home....
    I drive home doing the speed limit, usuin cruise the whole way paranoid as hell...high as mars...Luckily I still had a bottle of victorias secret body spray in my glove box so I sprayed that on making sure I didn't over do it, and then I went home with all the windows down and the a/c blasting the air from outside at me to air out. I got home still high as fuck....I get in the door and my mom (kinda joking cuz they would never suspect that I smoke hahaha) says ok come here and let me do the smell and eye test. I just kinda go along with the joke and act like "stereotypical stoned" and say something about Doritos. They kinda laugh it off too. Then because I am stoned and cant figure out time for the life of me and think i've been standing around too long I go into the bathroom and start taking off my make up....then my mom comes over and says something to me as I am removing my eyeliner and at that point I noticed that my eyes were frikin glass...I mean they had that perfect blazed glaze...I think she noticed them too. I just go on like nothing but then she leaves and gets all quiet...then my dad gets all quiet....I start wondering if they figured it I kinda make some small talk and then go off to bed. I didn't want to pass out right away and give it away (so I thought) so I stayed up a little bit and then just crashed out. They didn't say anything to me (I dont think) and they didn't say anything today so I think im in the clear! I was so worried about it but I think im ok. Still had that nice weed hangover today too...I can't believe what a crazy night it was :smoke: soory for the rambling story happy blazin to all
  2. Nice story :)
    + Rep for keeping ur cool.
    "Now thats my girl haha"
  3. that shit brings back the memories hahaha

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