Almost got jumped... Stupid friend

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PhillieBluntCP, May 31, 2009.

  1. what up GC... normally im on here talking about god knows what but some shit happened last night that really embarassed me

    so my friend we'll call him K and my other friend and my girlfriend are in the car... were at McDonalds since its open 24/7 on friday and sat where i live lol

    so we get to McDonalds and K is driving.... we pass by a car and all the kids in the car are literally STARING at K as he passes

    we go order our shit and we're about to pay when these litttle ass kids start walking towards the car, and some other kid drove up and blocked the exit

    now at this point im thinking okay theres 2 kids walking towards us and 1 blocking the exit and my girl is in the car.... I was ready to brawl and so was my other friend, cause i didnt want shit happening to my girlfriend.... K the driver and some what of a pussy, what am i saying MAJOR pussy

    so these kids get closer to the car and im about to hop out of the car to be like wtf are u kids doing.. K freaks out, doesnt get the food, and hops over a curb to run away from these kids.... he then proceeded to almost get us killed by cutting out in front of a truck and then runs a red light

    so we were like WTF just happened K

    K apparently robbed these kids a year ago (i was SHOCKED) and they were supposed to fight but the kids brought baseball bats to the fight or some shit or K pussied out who knows

    oh did i forget to mention that we're all 19 and these kids are little fucks that are 17 years old.... easily me and my other friend could have and would have fucked these kids up if K hadnt drove away

    so what i told K was that dude, by pussying out like that, these kids are gonna know ur scared shitless now and they wont stop fucking with u until they catch u alone and fuck u up..... i said the worst thing he could have done at that point was run

    I say that its the worst thing u could have done cause look at nature... If a predator sees a prey run whats he gonna do? hes gonna follow it until either it catches it or until he confronts it face to face

    i feel bad for K but honestly i dont, i was almost put into a situation where i had to fight FOR him, even though i know if some shit went down with me that he would never help

    sorry for the rant but im pissed that now im some how involved in this stupid shit
  2. Dont underestimata those 17 yrs olds. I know plenty or 17 yr kids that can fuck 19 or even 21 year olds. Watch your back when your with "K" he sounds shady as fuck.

  3. yeah i hear ya, age doesnt really matter but these were little skinny fucks... im shocked that K did this though cause hes pretty much just a really docile person, i never expected him to have people after him for robbing them lol

    yeah i dont think ill be going to K's house in a while, or even chilling with him for that matter cause i have enough problems to deal with without having to fight 17 yr olds
  4. There's really not that much a difference between a 17 year old and a 19 year old, cept what, 2 years?

    Now if he was 19 and these kids were 14, that's different, but 17 is a pretty mature age.
  5. the kid he initially robbed was a sophomore last year and now the kids a junior so hes like 16 years turning 17 .... nd obv age doesnt matter but like i said these kids were skinny fucks

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