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Almost got jumped by a raccoon

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Braves4590, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Right now I'm in central park (posting from iPhone), sitting at the base of a rock, smoking a blunt and reading. It's sort of away from the sight of nearby paths. Anyway, I've been noticing lots of squirrels running around the area do I really payed no attention the them. I was sitting on the ground reading and saw something walking up to be about 5 feet away and I look up when it gets to about 2 feet away, and at first I was stunned because I thought it was a homeless cat, but then I saw the eyemask thing that raccoons have. This is in broad daylight by the way so it probably had rabies or something. I jumped up and it walked away, but I can't help thinking what might have happened if it got closer!

    Scary shit guys I tell you.
  2. Man scared of racoon!


    death kill rabies:wave:
  3. lol. I can understand that.
    I used to live in this housing complex that was like "country slum"... surrounded by fields, but in the middle of the industrial section.
    One night I was walking home after a few drinks, turned a corner and came face to face with a herd of deer.
    I stayed still, they stayed still, and eventually they walked away... but the whole time I was thinking "please don't brain me, please don't brain me, please don't brain me."
  4. I was attacked by geese once. Those things are assholes.

  5. Haha me too, I walked too close to a flock of baby geese and the mother spread it's wings in an intimidating fashion and hissed at me and did this gay little charge but then ran away again.
  6. if he had rabies he would of gotten you.

    haha trust me. I live in washington
  7. There have been reports this year of a rabies outbreak in the Central Park raccoons. I have seen them coming out shortly before dusk, but seeing one today before 5PM would have been a pretty sure sign of a rabies infected animal.

    I'd be more worried about smoking a blunt in the park, but I guess that's just me and my paranoia. It was a great day for it!
  8. Central Park is hot, what you doin smokin up there
  9. Dude the raccoons we have in cali are fucking huuuge! I remember I was on my way home from a friends house one night and I saw something stand up on it's feet and look directly at me. I was like oh shit because I thought it was a fucking midget out in the middle of the street at 5 in da morning. Once I got closer I realized what it was and it had to be a good 4 ft. It looked like it wanted to box me with the way his stance was. That raccoon looked like it could take a serious beating before succumbing to his death.
  10. Fuck that shit. I'm terrified of encountering native animals. Especially deer. With those beady eyes and shit... Gives me the creeps. And, don't even get me started on ocean life.:eek::eek::eek:
  11. LMAO man thats some funny shit

    I saw a whole gang of giant racoons crossing the street once, scary & random shit man

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    This is the funniest shit i read all night, thank you!:smoking: it may be the herb but that was god damn hillarious!

    |THE EDIT|:
    just the visual of Me chilling on the street, smoking a joint watching a little cute racoon walking on the street, and then watch it turn into a huge ugly beast when it hops on his hind legs...and me tripping the fuck out haha!

  13. animals in the day = rabies?
  14. oh no, a furry thing 1/10th my size, whatever will i do

  15. same here the thing literally jumped up and flapped by my face and tried to bite me. i pushed it away and backed off. i guess i was in his territory. then i got in my car and drove past it.
  16. It may be hot, but it's extremely easy to get away with, if you use common sense. I've smoked there multiple times in broad day light w/o a problem. Hell, last time me and a couple of friends smoked there, there was some chill white dude no less than 30 yards tokin on some nice ol' mary jane just like us . lol .:)
  17. Raccoons are crazy fuckers bro, check it.


    and claws like these

    theyll fuck you up

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