almost got caught

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  1. by the parents. always wash my car blazed, was outside bout to spark a bowl by the hose, and then dad comes around the corner, the far side of the house. i threw the fresh packed bowl into my pocket. then i had to come up with an excuse why i wus just standing by the hose obviously doing nothing. said there was a clog haha.

    bowl was lost with pocket lint. and had to wash the car sober :(

    back to being more stealth. and no more dumb moves.
  2. haha revenge of pocket lint. always a stoners nemisis.

    are your parents straight edge? do they drink?
  3. i mean they know my brother smokes, a few family members have drug problems, i mean the worst thing that could happen if they caught me would be getting cut off and sent to the street, but if i tell them i smoked or tried it they prob wouldnt care. but i'm gonna deny till i die!
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    Man you should be good at least it wasn't the pigs. I remember when I was younger my parents found a 20 sac, when I came home they had that shit on top of the stairs (14 total). The look on their faces was priceless, once I reach the top and saw them waiting for me in the military stance. Next day they took the sac put it in a pot of dirt, later on that day I removed that shit and replace the weed with dirt from the pot and the rest is history. Time heals all wounds... At the end of the day you going do what your going to do it's all about being responsible it's not like they caught you.
  5. yea i will agree time does heal wounds.

    i forgot to mention that i was a nanosecond away from taking a puff, i could only imagine. what would have happened.

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