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    I know you guys are probably sick of hearing these kind of stories, but I usually find them to be an interesting read, so here's what just happened to me. I'm pretty sure I'm all good right now, but here's what happened earlier...

    So I blazed a couple bowls in the backyard of my place and came back in and just jammed out for a while, until my parents unknowingly came home.

    I was just chillin in my room, listening to sum music when my dad opens up my door and comes in my room and starts sniffing n shit. He asked the normal questions, here's how the convo went:

    *-Dad M-Me

    *-Whats that smell?
    M-What smell?
    *-THAT smell...
    M-I don't smell anything...

    The funniest thing that happened was when my dad was about to walk out, he was standing in the door way and I tried to exit the tabs on Grasscity and he was looking right at my computer I think, and I accidently opened Grasscity up on a thread with huge macros of bud! Haha! And he didn't see, amazingly. So then he just walks out and I hear him go out to the kitchen and say to my mom "His room smells," and I immediately hear her walking to my room. When she gets there, the same kind of conversation ensued.

    After our conversation, she looked at the two hoodies I had laying on my bed and picked one up, smelled it and put it down. The other wasn't well seen but she picked it up anyway and smelled it. It was the one I was wearing while I smoked outside earlier. She says "This smells like pot!" and I say something dumb like "...Are you kidding me?" and she says "No, this smells like pot!" So basically I thought I was fucked, but it's a good thing I'm a good liar. She put down my hoodie and walked out. I got up and walked out too.

    I ran into my dad on the way and he did an eye check on me. Thankfully I put it some drops, which probably saved my ass the most. So we all just walked into the kitchen and started talking. My dad told me to unload the dishwasher and we basically had a conversation while I did that. My mom thought the smell on the hoodie was from Friday when I went out, but I denied smoking, etc. We were just joking around about it and shit, my mom even showed me the donuts they got for me while they were out and my dad said "Yeah now that you got the munchies!" and shit, ahaha it was funny.

    Then me and my mom were just talking and shit and I was like "Nah, I wasn't smoking" and shit like that and she was satisfied. I feel bad for lying but I don't wanna fucking get caught again. It's happened like 2 or 3 times already and I just started smoking again like 2 months ago from a 6 or 7 month T-break, so I wanna cherish it for a while longer.

    Whatever, it's all good right? So, I guess the moral of the story is...use drops! Or spray or just don't smoke at home... whatever someone else is gonna already say.

  2. Moral of the story is use a sploof. Or not where a clings to them easier for sum reason.
  3. damn a 7 month T break!?!
  4. You got caught in the past, your hoodie smelled like weed, your mom smelled your hoodie and you still managed to get them to believe it was not you? Damn
  5. I'm persuasive.
  6. They know.
  7. i second that
  8. You don't know that and neither do I, why do you think so though
  9. Well, if you had kids and you smelt pot on them more than once, you wouldn't suspect something? Unless they are completely oblivious (which I doubt), then they know.
    They were your age once to:smoking:
  10. Oh I know...My dad has admitted many times that he used to blaze back in the day, so he knows all about it and stuff. I'm not sure why they would do nothing if they knew though, that's all.
  11. Maybe they don't, but there's a good chance they do. You should just straight up tell them you do, that's what I did. Especially if your dad admitted to doing it as a kid.:smoking:
  12. This is one of the reasons I started to smoke cigs. It covered up the smell of weed, and quite honestly... Cigs are legal, so in (most) parents eyes it's more acceptable... Sad, I know, but it's the harsh reality.

    And dude... You're 18 (legal adult)... I understand the having to live under their roof and everything, but fuck I would of had a few choice words when they started to come into my room sniffing around like fucking hunting dogs. Can a man not have his own privacy in his place of residence?

    Cologne + cigs + eye drops and you wont ever be caught if you keep your stash hidden well.
  13. I guess that would work for some parents. I know my parents would kill me if I started smoking cigs haha. They're fine with me smoking pot though.:smoke:
  14. Thanks for the advice man, but I think I'm going to wait a while till I fess up to them and shit. At least till I'm out of school in May.

    I may just need to buy myself some spray man.:D
  15. Good call
  16. They obviously know. The reason parents act like they believe BS stories is because they do not want to deal with the awkardness of a conversation that goes something like this:

    Parent: You're smoking pot! That's bad! Don't do that!
    Kid: I bet you used to do it too!
    Parent: That was a long time ago, that... that's not the point!
    Kid: Hypocrite!


    By saying they believe you despite the obvious evidence to the contrary they are saying 'yes we know you smoke weed and we don't really care but as parents we cannot be seen condoning illegal activity so please keep it on the DL'.

    That's all.
  17. Perhaps lol
  18. I know I have been to random places and smelled mary many times. If either of your parents smoked mary at all they most likely recognize the smell. Its alot easier to spot than most think. plus they don't have to know they just have to have suspisions and you'll never hear the end of it until the cat is out the bag.

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