Almost got caught, V2 edition

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    So a couple of days ago I went and picked up 2 oz from one of my main plugs who just so happens to live in a county with a small police department. I was driving home at 11pm from his house on my motorcycle and I came across a four way stoplight, Trying to make a left turn. Across from the turn lane was a car in the the opposite lane going straight that had really bright lights. The light wasn't turning for some reason and I wasn't going to run it with a bunch of weed in my backpack as I am a law abiding citizen of Texas(And you know how hard the punishment is here). So the dude across from me flashes his brights and I was confused but not partially convinced that it was a cop because I couldn't make out the car details because his lights were really bright and blinded me. Then the absolute worst happens, He turns on his flashing red and blue lights and just cuts across the intersection as only me and him are the only ones there. By this time I just tried to play it cool and get my alibi and where I was going. As he approaches my lane he rolled down his window and said "Somethings wrong with the light but you can go ahead, Half of these people run it anyways but I won't ticket ya, Have a nice night." I responded with a "Okay sir, Thank you." I was so relieved that I wasn't stopped as I would have had a much longer and more unpleasant night. I'll put a picture to give you an idea of the situation.


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