Almost got caught last night! OMFG!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Tokage567, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Shit, so i was over at my folks house for the night (family get together) and i decide to take off my jacket, which incidentally has my pipe in it.

    So i hang it up, forgetting i have the pipe in it.

    Its a new hoodie, so my mom wants to check it out, i see her dicking with it, and im like :eek::eek::eek: fuck my pipe!

    So i rush over and try to act calm and take the hoodie just as she's reaching inside the pocket that held the pipe.

    SHE ACTUALLY FELT THE FUCKING PIPE!!! but luckily thought it was my cell phone.

    It had a full bowl in it, i would have been busted for sure. In front of my WHOLE FAMILY!!!!! Cousins and Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents!

    It hit me later how close i came to being caught.

    Now i dont live at home, my mom has no direct authority over me, but the crap i would have had to take from my family would have been hard, ya know?

    Freakin me out as i type this, i'ma smoke a bowl out of that very pipe and calm down.
  2. Damn that shit was close...
    Is it a metal bowl with a screw on cap?
  3. Yup it is, i've actually posted pics of it on here.

    Cuz its got a cap i can keep a loaded bowl in my pocket, kinda handy for just whipping out a quick toke.
  4. Sounds sweet...
    Can i have the link?
  5. sure, i'll post it up later. gonna go smoke now.
  6. How could you mistake a pipe for a cell phone? I think she was just helping you out and not busting you in front of family. I could be wrong, but I don't see how she could think it was a phone.
  7. ^^ Lol it's a mom... She hardly expected to find a pipe... Her logic response was to think it was a cell phone...

    Haha man you came close to gettin caught... I don't know why you even brought the pipe to the family gathering though.... That wasn't the smartest thing...
  8. lol imagine that
    if your whole family were like DUDE u got weed
    smoke us down man
  9. That's what I would do.
  10. I have one like that. They're damn usefull.
  11. Shit i got sick of hiding it when I went to visit my parents cuz neitehr of them smoke. and one day jsut told my paretns I smoked. My dad said, "sweet...let me see your pipe. shit we didn't have nothing liek this is 'Nam" lol

    it was rad. my paretns are rad.
  12. I had a very similiar experience albeit not as drastic since it was just my mom. She was in my backpack taking out a book i borrowed from her. i had a 1/2 o of some dank in there in alot of ziploc bags(around 12) so it didnt smell. My mom was in the pocket with the bag in it and i flipped. i threw a pillow at her and she turned lol. then i did tons of stupid shit and she forgot about the backpack for long enough for me to take the 1/2 out and hide it.

    i know how u feel mad scary but good job with quick thinking. deserves a victory bowl
  13. something like this sorta happened to me too

    i came home one day and my dad was like "i need to check something in your car blah blah blah" (I wasn't really paying attention)

    So I just gave him my keys and then a few seconds after he walks out the door something struck me in the back of my mind - what if he looks for something in the glove compartment where I keep my stash/piece?

    Normally I wouldn't be worried because there isn't really a reason for him to look in there, but it's a damn good thing I did because I rushed to the car and beat him to it playing it off as me being curious about what he was doing.

    So I just sit there guarding the glove compartment and he sits there waiting and I was like "oh.. do you need something out of here?" and he said yep and told me about a piece of paper he needed so I had to slowly open it and grab my shit and keep it out of his sight very carefully.

    Thankfully my subconscious was more alert than I was or I would've been busted.
  14. shit man that was close, that woulda sucked if he had found your stash
  15. almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades :p
  16. lucky man it sucks getting caught i did a few years back
    dont want to make that mistake again
  17. And pulling out

  18. hahaha +rep

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