Almost got caught in dorm, now our floor is really hot

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  1. So all this started Monday when me and my roommate got some really dank purple. This stuff reeks so much that I had to duct tape my pill bottle that I store it in. Anyways so we weigh it out and shit and get everything ready to go out and smoke. We stopped smoking in our dorm a month ago, just seems like a bad idea. But apparently our weed stunk up half the floor.

    Once we all get ready we wait for our friend since one of them went to give it to someone in another room, so more skunk in another room now. Well we go out to smoke, and while we are smoking we start getting phone calls. Apparently 4 cops went around our floor searching for weed. We weren't there so when they got to our door they had to skip it. :eek:

    We get back and stash everything, and now i have been paranoid as shit for the last 2 days. Last night they came back and searched one of my friends room and his roommate got caught with a gram. But they got told on by the RA because there room smelled like weed. Now I don't know what to do, I know they wont search us unless our room gets reported for smelling like weed.

    But I got like 2gs, a grinder, a bong and a incredibowl and I got no place outside the dorms to stash it. Drug paraphernalia is not illegal in this state but it is not allowed in the dorms, so there are no legal consequences. But weed is. So what do you guys think I should do?
  2. sell ur paraphanelia to some one. is it worth it to keep it?
  3. Dont worry, last year when my roommate got caught drinking in our dorm, the dean asked if our floor still reaked of weed. There was 3 different dealers on our floor, and if someone wasn't high, they were drunk haha.
  4. Eat your paraphanelia.
  5. what school? this happened at my school recently but the police were just like "we dont smell anything" and left.
  6. I wouldn't risk it. Just roll up your remaining bud into joints and smoke outside.
  7. Pill bottles aren't 100% airtight, get a mason jar.
  8. I took heat last year at my residence/dorm for toking... Id always put a towel down under my door and have a small fan shooting out the window (to blow smoke into) and always a can of glade to cover that shit up.. but one time me and roomate got some dank blueberry and it danked up our whole floor, and the smell clearly came from our room... anyways the next day the supervisor (some old fat guy) banged on the door at 9am and told us he knew we were smoking marajauana ciggarettes in here... told us he'd write us up and it would be on our academic record, how easy it was to get the cops to search this place and shit... lol we just denied everything and he told us we'd have to have a meeting with the head to ensure our continued stay at residence... although we never heard anything after that..

    Anyways, after that shit I just ripped J's outside behind the building and never had any troubles... although I was mad paranoid with all the cameras around.. anywho, good luck brother!
  9. open your window and duct tape all your shit to the wall out side?
  10. Ya dont smoke in the dorms it aint worth it. I did it but i was smoking hitters and blowing into a old towel. You could never smell it. Def get yourself a mason jelly jar to put your stinky buds in.

    Good luck man
  11. Incense ftw, I recently starting toking my hitter and burning incense in my room, before I ne'er smoked in my room because I didn't want it o smell like weed and I always went to the garage. But now i can smoke and chill in my room with some relaxing incense and my room doesn't smell like weed at all.
  12. idk depends on the dorm imo...when i did live in the dorms, i got kicked out of it 3 weeks into school cuz i was blazing in my room with like 10-15 people and i was shitfaced...i took my punishment and got kicked out of the dorms for the rest of the semester...and that was a freshman dorm

    when i moved back in next semester, i was put in a diff dorm and it was essentially the minority dorm, and upper classmen, they NEVER walked around the halls in that room i had 2 other roomates who blazed a ton too, and we basically smoked weed in that room all day long everyday

    then i transferred schools and went to a school closer to home and now i live with the rents and commute and hang with all my HS friends, and can blaze as much as i want at this house, its way better and fuck roommates
  13. Design a few good hiding spots. The feet on my sofa look like thick but flattened baseballs, i took two of them off, carved holes, just enough to fit a gerber baby food jar. Then a piece of carboard for the bottom, and some black nylon and a rubber band to cover it up on all 4, the same color as the furniture.

    I've never been raided, but i figured its pretty good. Another good idea is to hide a jar or pieces in computer towers, space heaters, ect. Even a deck of blank CD's, (i hollowed em out so theres 10 cd's ontop, because its not uncommon for people to borrow 1 or 2 for me, but noones found it)

    If they bring dogs, hide it some place outside the building, bury it next to a tree, hide it in a tree, ect. Keep in mind if you suck at hide n' seek they could get jacked.
  14. Tell the RA to suck it. Who would want to be an RA?! Bossing kids around that are just enjoying college, for what, your own room?

    Ditch the bong, learn to roll (get a roller), buy a mason jar, and smoke in a secluded place.

  15. Hell yeah dude, if it gets TOO hot just eat that bong and incredibowl right up.. you won't regret it

    once you get past the crunchyness of the glass, you get to the resin and the taste of old bong water..but don't worry once you're past that you're in the clear :cool:
  16. you dont really boss kids around. I know someone who is an RA. you basically do nothing.

    you go to your classes and do whatever you would normally do, but people come to you if theres a problem.
  17. You are high as fuck.

    I could imagine seeing this when riding through my local "college-town". Riding by and see a giant bong + half O in a mason jar taped to the brick on the outside of the building.

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