Almost got caught... AGAIN!

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  1. Ha... Well let me start by saying that I've been caught 3 times by the law. The first 2 I only got summary offences, and the 3rd time I got ARD, which is non-reportive probation. Basically, I waive my right to a speedy trial, and if I don't screw up in a year, I never actually get charged with anything and have a squeaky clean record...

    So I'm almost done with my ARD time (It's up at the end of Oct.), and I'm back in the woods with a friend of mine smoking a blunt. We're about 2/3's of the way through the blunt when I hear him go "Cop!"... Now, my boy's a bit of the paranoid type, so I'm thinking "Yeah yeah..." BUT as I lift my head I see the cop car across the creek as he's pulling out of the lot and over to where we're at. Since the cop's gotta go around a bend before he can get to where we're at, my boy and I split up and haul ass outta there.

    I had about 1/8th and my grinder on me, and ditched it behind some brambles on my way out (incase they sent anyone in from the other side of the woods as well, which they DID)... I made it to where I could have just kept going into the next development, but figured since I hadn't seen the cops yet that I was in the clear... I turn around to go grab my shit that I ditched and as I'm looking for it - THERE'S THE FUCKING COP! So here's pretty much the dialect that took place:

    Cop: Who were you here with?
    Me: No one...
    Cop: What if I said you matched the description of someone who was reported back here smoking pot?
    Me: I wasn't back here...
    Cop: Where were you coming from then?
    Me: I'm just walking around and decided to cut through.
    Cop: So you weren't back here with anyone smoking weed?
    Me: Nope
    Cop: You don't smoke? Anything?
    Me: Nope
    Cop: Well, You smell like smoke... I'm gonna go ahead and search you now.

    *Cop then pats me down*

    Cop: What were you doing over in those bushes?
    Me: Shrugs shoulders

    *Cop then searches where I was at seeing if he can find what I was looking for... He finds nothing, and the cop that came from the other side meets up with him while they run my ID*

    Cop: Why were you walking through the woods?
    Me: I have heart problems and can't run, so I walk...
    Cop: I suggest you find another route - people drink and do drugs back here.
    Me: OK
    Cop: You're free to go...

    So I left, went to my house for a little while... Then went back and got my shit outta the brambles...
  2. You got lucky homie... I wouldn't be goin back to that spot to smoke pot anymore..

    How did he not find your stash that you threw in the bushes??
  3. Haha that's crazy I can't believe there was more than one cop, who would have called them and said you were smoking pot in the woods lol?
  4. its always the muzzle flash---- keep them lighters hidin
  5. It really is, cottons is probally back there smokign right now. :D
  6. Cops check that spot from time to time -- usually only when they're called out. In this case some kids that were back there called them out. Stupid ass kids... :mad::mad::mad:

    The cop missed my weed 'cause he's a rookie. He got called over to my boy's house once for a disturbance -- went into the backyard and checked in the shed for anything in the obvious (the shed's a chill spot, really, and was wide open)...

    He looks right at a ghetto-couch with a MJ leaf taped to it, and right at the open door with another leaf taped on it, and didn't even notice.

    When I was checkin for my shit, I kinda forgot exactly which bushes I tossed it under (I was sure to go back a ways)... So I was going on blind luck in my search sorta... I was fortunate enough to check the WRONG bushes when he saw me... When I went back I found it no problem... :D
  7. I'd sacrifice like a squirrel to the Gods if I were you
  8. LMAO! I'm always 'almost' getting caught. The cops in my township truly are stupid, though... The whole time I was just thinking "Haha... I'm so glad I ditched my shit... Now they can't do shit to me..." :laughing:

  9. I was about to say, that was probably one of the best feelings ever.
  10. Shouldnt this be in the real life stories?
  11. heh he's got ya there Cottons :p

  12. What a dickhead cop, saying "im gonna search you now", shoulda just told him to fuck off and walk away :rolleyes:
  13. Well... I DID smell like pot seeing as how he interrupted our session :D That gives him the legal right to pat me down. He only found my lighter and a pen :p :laughing: :hello:
  14. Yeah true I guess.. Haha good thing it aint illegal to smell like weed :smoking:
  15. lol.. you say you don't smoke anything yet he finds your lighter..
    btw, in Ontario, if your car smells like weed the cops don't have a legal right to search your car. There's a precedent for it.
  16. I burn candles, and just bought the lighter... That's what I said when he brought it up (which is true, but I needed to spark that blizzie first :D)... He knew I was full of shit, and he knew I knew it. But there was nothing they could do. I had nothing on me :D :metal: :laughing: :hello: :yay:
  17. cops worryed about stoners causing harm lol, least you did'nt have your piece in veronica when they rolled up lol, id say wait a sec i'm finishing it off ~nice story dude peace

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