ALMOST GOT BUSTED!!! need help

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  1. ok guys this is the story, neighbour called the other day, said they had the local housing association out to investigate a bad smell, they said they checked their house and noticed the smell was coming from a neighbours loft and that the smell was cannabis being grown(mine lol) the neighbour called to tell us they were going to investigate and they were giving us a heads up! I had ten of the most beautiful girls you'll ever see in full bloom in my loft. called my buddy straight away. they we're ready to harvest in three days so me and my buddy chopped them down and completely cleared the loft of everything lights and all, got them to a safe place, had to leave my babies in black plastic bags overnight til things settled, next day we got to work on the plants, four main colas had to be dumped due to mold:( the thing is I had no way of hanging my babies to dry, so me and my buddy had to trim everything down and cut the buds off into a large cardboard box, the buds are one layer thick, not piled on top of each other, to try dry them out, have had to dump a few nuggs since cause of mold. anybody out there got any suggestions how I can save whats left of my crop HELP HELP please, by the way i'll not be growing again til i've got a grow tent and carbon filter, taking this as a close call and a lesson learnt any help welcome guys, BTW i was growing cheese and it was my third grow
  2. yess cheese and other 'tomatoes' need carbon scrubbers to conceal the grow... im sorry about your loss, its painful i know
  3. Put the bud in mason jars.
  4. That's what I would do. Put everything in mason jars and stick it all in your car. Do it at night, in a backpack or something, so no one will see anything.
  5. I always thought the bud needed to be dry before putting them in mason jars guys, no

  6. yes they do have to be dryed before being put into the mason jars.. if not that will cause mold.. can you bring them to youre buddies house and keep them there?
  7. yeah their at my buddies, thats why I couldn't hang them to dry, i really need help guys, just lost another nugget, i'm gona have nothing left at this rate, he moves them around every few hours or so and their still gettin mold. would blowing a fan on them be any good?
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    try this my grassless friend;)

    or this

    then again try here
  9. get an ionizer or a carbon filter!!!! I cant believe you got away with 2 other grows before this!! safety is a first. always.
  10. damn dude i really hate to hear that, cant help, but wish you all the luck.

  11. i take it you cut all the buds off there main stem correct?.. if you did, then you will have use a screen and a well ventilated area, take all the cut up buds and place them on a screen, turn them over thoughout youre day so that they dry evenly..
    have a fan blowing on them can also create mold..

    Exact conditions that are best for Drying:
    !. Temperature - 65-75F(18-24c)
    2. Humidity - 45-55%
    3. Light - NONE
    4. Handeling - Minimum
    5. Leaves - Remove @ harvest
    6. Manicured Buds - Hang Until Dry

    there aer some fast ways to dry also but Note: Buds that dry quick, burn hot, the smoke is harsh, and they taste "green" when smoked...

    manicure fresh buds and remove all branches. Spread them out evenly and wrap in paper or enclosed in an envelope. place the paper or envelope on a warm television, radiator ect.. Depending on the heat level, buds will be in a few hours or over night, buds will be a little crisp when dry. place buds in an airtight container until they sweat. put back in the paper and dry until dehydrated enough to burn well...

    cut up fresh buds and place on a 12 inch square of tinfoil. hold or place it over a 60-100 watt light bulb. stir every 15-30 seconds. it will be dry enough smoke in 1-3 minutes..

    place feshly cut up buds ( in small pieces) into a glassjar with an airtight lid. place several silica gel desiccant packs ( the kind that comes in cameras and electronic devices) into the glass jar and seal. Moisture will migrate to the silica gel in a few houes. remove the packets and dry using dry heat source. Replace silica packs until MJ is dry enough to smoke. You can find silica packs at any auto parts store or any electronics store...

    that is a few differnce ways to help you out take a pick, the natural way is the best way but that dont seem to be working.. remember when they are drying they should be in darkness... i hope i was some what of a help to you my friend, good luck!... keep us posted
  12. How old was the carbon filter ? ? Smell is always a priority, imo. I remember reading High Times about these growers in New York, who would use these apartements to grow mad dank. THEY HAD A WHOLE ROOM to control the smell with 5 Carbon filters and a few Ionizer.
  13. Everyone is going to kill me but put them in the oven with it set to the absolute lowest temp you can. I just turn the knob until right when the light comes on. WAY below the "warm" mark. 2 hours at a time at the most. the buds will come out crisp at first then moyston up again. Do this as many times as you feel necessary. Before you stick the nugs in check the temp with your hand. I would not recommend any thing hotter than your car might get on a warm sunny day. Dont over dry, check frequently and ass soon as they feel crisp pull them out and let them sit. I like to do mine on a dinner plate. It comes out harsh if you smoke it straight away but if you do this once a day for 2 or 3 days just to dry them faster and then cure them in a jar for a week the taste is still very good. I have dried 6 oz this way and had the best reviews from the consumers....
  14. If you just want to dry the stuff quick, you could microwave the buds. I had a friend who use to grow outside, and when the buds were close to harvest he'd clip a bud and nuke it for like 1 minute. It dries the bud enough to smoke immediately, and doesn't diminish the THC near as much as drying in an oven will.
    I know this is not the best way to dry bud. But if you are in a hurry to get it dried, this will work. If you try to dry the buds slow, you will probably continue to loose more bud to mold.
    Also, if the cops are aware of 'bad smells' coming from your house, I wouldn't keep any weed or paraphenalia in your house for at least a few months. Just because you got rid of your plants and dismantled your grow set up doesn't mean you won't get raided now. Unfortunately, I'd say there's a good chance you will. If your house is 100% clean when you get raided - no weed or paraphenalia to be found, then the cops will think they got the wrong house, and chances are they won't raid you again. But if they find weed or paraphenalia in your house, they will think you just got rid of the plants before they could get to you, and they might decide to raid you again a few months later to see if you are trying another grow...
    The #1 thing that gets people busted is loose lips, #2 is smells coming from your house. I'm sure you know this by now, but growing without a carbon filter was a big mistake. Nothing you can do about it now, they are already on to you. Your priority now should be keeping your house clean so you don't have to loose your freedom when you get raided. Just trying to give some good advise, hope this helps.
  15. To protect what's left of your crop, you need to carefully inspect each bud/cola for anything that even looks like mold, and then cut that area off, as well as some of the immediate surrounding area. Then hang the buds upside down (or at the very least lay them out on canvas or across string).

    I don't recommend using an oven or microwave because even though it will work, you'll lose a lot of quality in the process. A good way to hang bud if you don't have space or need to hide it is to get a bunch of paper bags at a grocery store and then hang the bud by tying the string across the handles, then stapling the top of the bag shut. This helps keep out light and keeps the buds out of view, but the paper will breathe enough to help keep any ambient moisture from causing further mold. Good luck!

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