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Almost got busted by RAs!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Woodzy, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Im a freshman in college so I live in the dorms. My dorm is quite old, but it has an apartment style layout and since it was built in the 60s I think, there are no fans in the bathrooms. I live on the 11 floor though so its a hassle to go down and sneak a toke without being sketched out. I got done with class at like 5 so I decided to load a bowl, but as soon as I was finished I heard loud banging on the door about 4 times. I forgot that we had random room checks all this week!!!! :eek: I used a sploof and sprayed and everything plus I just took a duece to cover it up haha. I had to run and open the door all while being high and trying to play it cool. Luckily I passed the search but the RA made a comment to my roommate about smelling the bathroom! hahah Im still trying to lower my adrenaline level. Anyone else in college have a similar incident??

    P.S I realize it was stupid to smoke in there. But cmon, where else am I supposed to smoke? I always walk down the hallway and smell bud.
  2. It's that smelly smell.... the smell that smells.... SMELLY

  3. [​IMG]
    They're watching you now.
  4. yup, RA definitely knows what you did....

    they could bust in at any moment.
  5. they wont do shit lol, some RA's are cool and do that kind of stuff themselves, dont sweat it
  6. depends what kind of RA you have. could be chill bro. could be dumb nerd. could be narc dick
  7. ah gotta love RA's bunch of little punk bitches if you ask me. but watch it for a couple days especially tonight. We were at my friends dorm RA stopped by and kinda acted weird at like 4PM thought nothing of it. Drinking evil eye and suddenly at like 9 PM knock knock we look its the RA. We hide the beer and open door bam from the side where you cant see two cops walk in. i go to bathroom and hide my bud under towel in there. Cops look around notice we are drinking at that we had like 5 empty 30 racks from other nights needless to say busted. We only got MIPs for alcohol the cops were retards they saw me go in bathroom and didnt even look in there, then my friends bong was sitting on his dresser and they plainly were facing it and never noticed it. they also took our liquor but didnt realize sparks had alc. in them or something cause they let the girls keep theirs.

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