almost got beaten up

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  1. im 18 some one owed me £20 i gave him a week to pay it today he called to meet me i agreed. we meet at a park when the arrived with 5 friends aged from 16-18 i said have you got my money he said no. i said pay me later in the week then his friend said something about going on holiday tomorrow i didn't believe him and he told me that is was a lie. i then got off my bike and said you gotta gimmie something else, he grabbed me and i grabbed him and pushed him away ready to fight. i said " 1 on 1 me and you" he said no and his friends all lined up to fight me. i didnt what i think the smartest thing and got on my bike and road off. i dunno if i didnt the right thing or should have stayed. or should i worry about them
  2. Should have beat them all up. Then they'd respect you.
  3. id done the same cut contact with him clearly hes not a trustworthy person if he cant pay you back 20 sure a weeks responable time but iv been worse off n couldnt pay a friend 20 for 2 week once but he still got it with no problems plus i even payed for a few his drink that night
  4. well if your one of those poeple who want to go through all of that to get your 20$ back then go for it.

    If you can handle the shame and let it go, then go for it.
  5. Just chill man its only 20 bucks nothin worth getting shot over
  6. Well Bro, if you're making a thread about it then you obviously aren't going to fight them. It's only $20, let it go and know who to trust with money next time. Long as you learn your lesson, $20 is cheap.
  7. It's 20 dollars man. Nothing too bad.
  8. give him 4 days and then find him when he is alone or with a girl if she is small, beating him in front of a girl will add to the humiliation.
  9. It's not $20 it's £20 guys!

    Time to break some knees.
  10. I wouldn't fight five dudes over that. Even if you somehow won you'd have beaten up a bunch of kids. Just some advice from a fighter. Don't do that cliche junk where you talk shit and push and grab each other. If you've made up your mind then start swinging.

    [ame=]1vs5 Street fight AWSOME!!!! - YouTube[/ame]

    All of the dudes who were acting tough just walked off after getting served. Nobody really wants to get hit man. I'm pretty sure they'd back off as soon as they saw you weren't playing.
  11. Beat the kids ass who owes u the cake

  12. go gather your posse and get your money back dude
  13. £20 is a lot to me haha only a fiver off a henry
  14. The fact that you immediately opened with "I'm 18" probably means otherwise
  15. If you want to get paid, find out where he lives and bother him for it there n bring his parents into it sayin your son stole money from me n threatened me or whatever. Parents don't want their children stealin so they'll be the best ones to teach him a lesson.
  16. Just made my night with this
  17. If he has a girlfriend then rape and beat the fuck out of her. If not then just break his mom's back.
  18. Tell him he's a dead man walking and youre a dead man running
  19. Bring a knife next time.buddy only use it if u get ganged up on

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