almost got arrested for disturbing the peace

Discussion in 'General' started by angstrom, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. so i was in front of my bosses house waiting for her to show up, and i got really bored so i picked up a stick and started doing some awsome air guitar and dancing. then i got the idea that i was a special ops soldier, so i started ducking and rolling and shooting people with my pretend gun. i even put it down at my waist and shot people with my tommy gun.

    so my boss showed up and i was waiting in her car, and all of a sudden some cops came by. i thought they were gonna pass right by, but it turns out they were there for me! someone had appearently called on me. they told me i cant be doin that, people think im on drugs, or crazy, and that i dont belong in the neighborhood.

    i was totally sober. this is what happens when i dont have weed.

    what has our world come to? is it a crime to express yourself now? i must've shocked some tightwad out of his/her routine. some folks just wanna homogenize the whole world.
  2. I can only imagine you a guy who crushes heads with your fingers or someone who breaches and clears pretending to be SWAT every time you enter a house.
  3. Lol sounds like a fun time.

    But some people are pricks like that. My neighbor called the cops because my dog was dog was the like their nature.

    But you put on a full fucking concert next time, talking a light show, speakers, actual music playing. Just rock the fuck out.
  4. they want you to be a fucking robot man, soon they will be calling the cops on you for not walking in a straight line.
  5. Cops are the only peace disturbers... :cool:

  6. well not every time...

    i sorta felt a little bad though because the guy i was working with was an illegal mexican, so he could've got caught. luckily he didnt have his ID and they didnt suspect him. who ever thought not having an ID would help?

  7. I use to work construction with an illegal. He was always paranoid of the cops, telling me to slow down and pay attention. He even told me straight up if we ever get pulled over he was going to run and for me to tell them I don't know anything but his first name.
  8. Maan fuck dah p(ol)eace!
  9. you know the funny thing is, ive smoked weed in front of her house in broad daylight before like a million times, and i never got caught for that. you'd figure getting baked in oublic would be more illegal.
  10. So...Wait, you were shootin' people with a stick?:cool:
  11. yup. every one a headshot. :cool:
  12. [ame=]Stick Fighting Funny! - YouTube[/ame]
  13. Normal people don't normally do this man
  14. Normal people don't exist.:cool:
  15. what a pair of marvelous, well trained atheletes

  16. are you the one who called on me? i will fire my branch bazooka at you!
  17. why not? Just having a lil fun in a boring situation. Why does our society have a stick up its ass when it comes to people minding their own business doing something fun. If that's not normal, I don't want to be normal...
  18. "Normal" is an incredibly generic term that a lot of people define with incredible differences.:cool:
  19. y'know, somtimes we go through this life taking ourselves so seriously, fretting over the smallest things, and that in itself is hilarious. once you can laugh at that, life isnt so serious anymore.

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