almost got arrested for a airsoft gun

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    today i went down to the dentest and i brought some frinds with me wen i was in the dentest office one of my friends found my airsoft gun and was playin around with it in the parking lot and they got the cops called 10 cop cars responded to the call 2 undercovers and 8 normal cars my friends got takein to the ground at gun point wen the nurse told me wat was happening i went outside and the cops told me to get on the ground and cuffed me too wen they were searchen the truck they found my pipe and put it on the hood and just left it there they didt find any thing else so they let us go:D and i got my pipe back:D
  2. haha same thing happened to me a few years ago. except the cops followed me back to my house then accused me of having open beer cans in my car! which i didn't...cops are crazy sometimes
  3. when i was 11 i had cops point guns at me because i was being shot at by my friend who had an airsoft gun (we were just playing) shit sucked..
  4. You're lucky, my friend was shot in the face for a squirt gun.
  5. haha dude you got your pipe back??

    gooood shit
  6. They aimed their weapons at the victim?
  7. Yeah cops are always right they would fucking never do that!
  8. Hey, I'm not saying that cops in (I assume) the states aren't sometimes pretty crazy...but this would seem to be a highly illogical thing to do for ANYONE...kind of like if you were an exterminator, spraying poison in the face of the person who just paid you...
  9. Some swat team just shot an innocent chick for no reason and it sounds unreasonable for a cop to point a gun at someone near him?
  10. I was pulled over once with airsoft guns in my backseat. The cop was so confused by the idea of a non messy paintball gun. Probably because they're fucking gay and everyone is all, "Nuh uh timmy you din get me!"
  11. Now if you really want a kick (and a kick to the balls by law enforcement) go stand in a busy intersection and take a friend hostage with an airsoft gun.

    Record this and post for lulz.
  12. Yeah, it sounds unreasonable?
  13. You have to be careful with that shit! Most people can't tell an airsoft from the real deal, especially at a glance, and worse if it is all blacked out. Saw an episode of cops one time where 4 gang banger wannabee's got proned out hard for waving around an ar15 type airsoft in a car. Cops get WAY nervous in that situation!

  14. Dentist*

  15. Paintball > airsoft
  16. Hahaha, oh the memories. In highschool me and my friends got pulled over because we got caught throwing eggs. Well the cop comes up to my window and tells us we are in deep shit yada yada ya (pretty embarrasing)

    But then 2 more cops show up and one is looking in my back window and yells "Is that an m16?"

    I respond saying no officer, it's an airsoft gun m16, so my friend goes to grab it to show the cop, BAD IDEA. He draws his gun to his head and freaks out thinking my friend was going to shoot him.

    So yeah, I learned my lesson to never keep my airsoft gun in my car again, and of course don't go egging random drunk asses downtown :p

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