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Almost getting caught, quitting for a long time

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by btr1994, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I am currently an 18 year old and a senior in high school. I have been smoking for a little over 18 months now and have really started heavily smoking in the last 6 months. Anyways a few weeks ago my friend left his pipe in my car and my parents found it. I told them it wasnt mine and made a huge bs story about how it got there and didn't get in trouble but it certainly made them very suspicious. Anyways after that I kind of started smoking less but I smoked again today. Me and 2 of my friends went into a smoke shop and scored a $45 bong for $20 so we were eager to test it out and bought some herb. Anyways we smoked most of it and we were going to go bury it out in this wilderness area we refer to as "the gully" because none of us could take it home. Its a small area about a half mile long that is in between subdivisions. Anyways we walk down to the spot and figure we might as well smoke a little since we still had some big nugs left. So we smoke about 2 small bowls then leave the bong in the wilderness and leave. As we're walking up the path back to our cars 1 police man approaches us with a flashlight. He does the usual and asks us what were doing and acted very certain that we were up to no good. He said a house on the path called and reported 4 kids passing around baggies suspiciously. My friend had a small hunting knife on him and told him to put it on the ground immediately scared that we were going to stab him or something. Anyways me and one of my friends did most of the talking and we wee very polite an tried to convince him we weren't doing anything. Seeing as the bong was in plain sight a little bit off the path and we had left all of our weed related items in the wilderness I told him he could search us so he wouldnt call our parents or issue tests or anything so he searches me and my 3 friends and just pats us down he didn't take anything out of our pockets. After that 2 more policemen show up and one happened to be the same guy we had dealt with earlier that day after we had witnessed a hit and run. He asked us what we were doing and we told him we were watching the sunset. After a pretty long conversation we had finally convinced them we werent smoking he got our ids our names, we joked around a little bit and he let us go. Once we got back to our cars one of my friends pulled the weed out of his pocket and said he had it the whole time. He said the officer felt it and asked what it was and he told him his can ( he chews tabbaco). Any other day of the week the weed would have been in a bag but that day our dealer had put it in a small ketchup cup from McDonald's that felt like a can. I am taking this as a warning considering we were a few wrong words away from getting busted and officially done smoking. I know this was kind of a rant but I'm sure other smokers are in the same position. I used to absolutely despise the police but after tonight, I kind of realized there are good cops and bad cops. Everyone be careful out there and maybe one day weed will be legal so we won't have to worry about this
  2. Dude you have no idea try getting pulled over having just smoked and carrying a half O and a 12 pack of beer. luckily it was just a burned out tail light and the cop just came up to the window asking me why the car smells like pot we got searched along with my car and we got lucky with the cop because he found 2 nugs in my car and a small pipe, lucky he was cool and made us break the pipe and scrape the weed on the ground. But i wound up with a pretty big ticket with pretty much all BS things like tail light out and license plate light out and minor shit like that costed me $300 bucks
  3. Damn, I've never had a run in with the cops.
    I'm in California and here marijuana is legal for medicinal of course I'm legal and I have a valid doctor's recommendation to smoke the even if a cop did pull me over or hassle me, I am completely legal.

    With that being said... if you state offers legal marijuana....take the offer! haha. It's great.
  4. Cool story
  5. Haha pretty sweet story man
  6. damn yo! dont let that scare you just learn from it. obviously it wasnt your time to go (to jail of course) but seeing as your 18 and probably dont have an adult record you would have probably got let off anyway probation at most. be safe and thats way too hood you leave your bong out in the wilderness!!! were you planning on going back to smoke.? lol lucky break
  7. Always summiting to the man...conformist
  8. use the enter key

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