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  1. Today when I went to check on a white widow auto strain, there was some major overnight yellowing of the leaves. Just since last night. I have it inside a big trash can with cfls and a UFO - but up until 3 days ago,it was in my garden outside. A series of storms is passing through so I thought this would be better idea.

    Is this normal to happen so sudden?

    Also, how much longer does it look like it has to go?

    Thanks in advance [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. It looks like it's revegging?

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  3. That doesn't look right
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  4. Are the lights on 12/12?
  5. It's an auto

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  6. It was trained early on, that's why it's a weird shape

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  7. The small round leaves are a sign if revegging I believe.
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  8. Looks like it needs more's a auto but what kind of light schedule do you have it on? 24/7 18/6 what?

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  9. It's been under direct sunlight so maybe unstable genes? Can anyone explain what makes it not look right? I just wanna learn basically.

    I know it's not revegging because white pistils are still coming out like crazy.

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  10. Up until it started storming 3 days ago it was in my vegetable garden and pretty much direct sunlight all but 3 hours of daylight. The days are about 14 hours long right now, could that be a problem? Cuz I got a big Devil XL auto growing outside as well.

    Thx man

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  11. So is the bud gonna be alright?

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  12. What's the water suituation like? If it's a Auto I'm assuming that 14hrs of sun won't hurt unless it's burning it or something. Did the plant get a shit load of water all at once from the storms?
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  13. It looks like she's Revegging. How many days old is she? where did you get the seeds? What's the temperature and humidity

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