Almost finished with my Cab (suggestions?)

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  1. Hello,

    I have been working on finishing my flowering cab and am almost done. I was really seeing if anyone had any good advice for me. Here is a sketchup of the cab.[​IMG]

    The shelf can be raised and lowered. I am mounting CFLs at the top on the back wall.

    I was considering adding 2 3" passive intakes on the bottom left and my 120mm 85cfm fan to the top right.

    I have all the materials to make the pencil holder carbon filter but am a little unsure how to keep the carbon or the inner container from falling out when I turn it side ways to mount it to the fan.

    I am open for any and all suggestions. I dont want to start cutting and then get some great advice on how I should finish setting it up.


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  2. I have the same question about the carbon filter
  3. wouldn't the shelf hinder the exchange of air between the outake (topleft) and the intake (bottom right) if it fits tight in there when you seal it up? If this is the case and you are raising and lowering the shelf to adjust the plants to the light then you should drill little holes in the shelf to help with that air flow.

    As for the carbon filter, maybe cinch a ziptie around the duct while sliding the filter inside the duct. Effectively sealing the filter inside the duct with a ziptie on the outside, forcing the air to go through the 1" or so of carbon before it is free to sniff
  4. Can you use nylons or stalkings to hold the set up in place?
    Show a pic if you can.

    I would find a metal rack or grid and replace that solid wood
    shelf. It would give you more air flow plus that wood will hold
    moisture and promote mold. It will grow in the wood before
    you see it. If you cut holes in it the shelf will turn into a giant
    sponge .

    Add a filter (nylons) to your passive intake to grab insects.

    Caulk the hell out of all your corners to light proof the cab.

    Also if you can .... check out this product called KiLZ. It's not
    a paint it is a sealer and will keep moisture from penetrating
    into your wood and allow some humidity to accumulate in the
    cab. Coat the entire inside of the cab with it if you plan on
    keeping the grow box for multiple grows.

    See my sig link for some free mylar. It's bubble mylar and
    acts as an insulate as well. Perfect for your cab.
  5. Nothing has been setup yet so there are no pictures to post. I am still brainstorming the ventilation before I start drilling holes. In the meantime I am going to try to figure out lighting.

    The shelf is not snug in there width wise so air could flow through. Cutting holes seemed like a good idea until iClone showed up. Now I am thinking a metal type shelf would be better.

    I was trying to decide on whether nylons or an old window ac unit filters were going to go over the intakes.

    The inside except for the door is caulked real good.

    Thanks for all the tips. I'll try to post a picture of the lights todya that I am going to be working with.
  6. I can tell you put alot of thought into this. Dude above is talking about elastomastic roof tar. It is like 91% refelctive + it is meant for roofs... Heat, moisture, crack resistant. Perfect! Don't fuck with mylar. It gets dirty fast and is worthless.

    The metal shelf would be better. If you cant, I would paint the wood in tar and drill holes

    This link will help you bigtime ICMAG'S OFFICIAL ~DIY~ LINK-O-RAMA - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
  7. As for lighting, I would go with PL-L lighting

  8. Going to have to do some research on PL-L lighting
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    if you have a home depot or lowes... in the swamp cooler area they have duct sealant... comes in a small tub.. like five bucks... its actually ment to seal up ducting.. it hardens like concrete.. i used it to hold my inner air filter in place... and used tape to make it look better and to mold my sealant... now the tape can fall off and my filter wont move

    here's the one i made... and where the inner and outer screens meet.. i put my duct sealant... once you do this.. you cannot un-do it...
  10. Thanks for the link. That filter would be way too large. I think I am going to go with the pencil holder. I will support the filter with hooks and something like a bungie cord or string.

    I thought driving might help me come up with a decent plan.

    Here it is: I can get the surge protectors. I can run 4 bulbs in the surge protector mounted on the back of the cab. I can link surge protectors together and run 2-3 bulbs on the side of the cab with one surge protector on each side. Then run the first surge protector into the timer.

    Even if I only did this on one side, it seems like it would be easier to mount and take up less room while not sacrificing light.

    What do you guys think?
  11. sure.. then all your lights have a surge protector... double covered

    just make sure your lights won't fall out... gotta zip strip those guys in

  12. What do you zip them to? I have seen pictures but Havent been able to tell what they were getting zip tied to.

    I had planned on mounting some screws because the strips have slots on the back to hang from mounted screws or nails.
  13. You really only need the zip tie if you add the Y. The weight of two bulbs is sometimes too much weight and pulls the lights out of the socket. You'll figure it out in a hurry
  14. You could always run your fan and filter in the vertical position. If you don't want a hole on the top of the cab just make a little box with a hole on the bottom side to mount the fan to and a hole in the back of the cab for the air to escape.


  15. Brilliant. I was trying to figure out a way to mount if vertically. This may just be it.

    I wonder if I could mount the fan to the cab then somehow get the filter hang vertically like that and it still have enough to pull the air through. I think I have the horizontal thing figured out but I really like this idea.

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