almost drove off a cliff.

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    Me and some other guys were hotboxing my friends jeep at his house just driving around, we smoked a couple fat joints and got fucking baked. We drove past his neighbors house, and got out for some reason. We hear this lady yelling, she was all like "the helicopter!" we were all confused, she came up to the fence. She kept yelling "the man! he crashed his helicopter into your yard!" my friend was like "what" in a really baked voice. then she paused, and was like "david?" he was like "no", then she yelled out "son of david??!" and he nodded it was so fucking hilarious.

    We walked out of that situation confused as fuck, hotboxed the jeep again and drove off, we were reaaaly baked at this point driving next to this cliff, we got distracted and didn't notice he was driving in reverse for some reason, then all of a sudden we drove half of the jeep off the cliff! we freaked out and piled the fuck out of there confused, and looked at the damage, it was pretty bad, and we almost fell off the cliff. It was so hilarious at the time but now that i think of it we totally could have gotten seriously hurt.

    thats the story.

    edit: the guy crashed his remote control helicopter into my friends yard i guess
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    did i mention that i almost drove off a cliff?
  3. sounds fucking nuts i get tripped out when people drive to close to the center divider on the freeway; but a cliff. BE MORE AWARE mannn it could all be over in a second ;}
  4. yeah man lesson learned, it was my friend drivin though
  5. Goddamn how blitzed do you have to be to NOT realize your vehicle is in Reverse!?
  6. [ame=]YouTube - family guy spiderman everybody gets one[/ame]
  7. I'm curious who's yard actually had a fucking helicopter crash in it. :|
  8. Video: [ame=]YouTube - Star Trek - Chase Scene[/ame]

    You should have done this. By far way more epic... :smoking:
  9. wasnt me... again lol
  10. I know, but could you kindly show that demotivational to your friend. LOL
  11. lol i think i should
  12. it's okay next time just be careful because you know right "There might not be a next time"

    Serious man learn to be cautious and pay attention to things.

    I'm such a better driver when i am high, you guys must have been REALLY baked to not know a damn thing you're doing

    Did i mention? i once smoked so much weed and was baked and i made a turn into an intersection and almost hit a lady walking? luckily i saw her though she came out of NOWHERE
  13. lol yeah, he must of been blitzed, when i get baked, even REALLY blind, its strange i can drive way better than normal, one time after a hotboxin sesh i was driving down the mountain really fast like manouvering over all the bumps the roots had made in the road, and even ramping off a few a little bit.

    one time i had to come to a complete stop because of a herd of deer in the road, because i was really baked i didnt even think about it i just slowed down perfectly haha.
  14. sounds cool but you know you should not drive like that right? sounds risky and if a cop sees you that's an automatic ticket + search of your car

    Just be like those people who drive like grandmas and keep shit on the DL - it's the best way
  15. yeah i wouldnt do that normally, but the area we were in cops just dont go. its wierd but they literally just DONT ever go there lol.
  16. Who's yard was it? Was your friend actually David, or his father, or none? Pretty confused.
    When I was a teenager, me and my dad managed to drive off a bridge. We weren't absolutely wasted, but pretty stoned and drunk. We partied the whole day on the beach (mega beach-party), can't remember but he needed something from his house which was about a mile away, and for some reason only I knew where it was.
    It was just down to being complete idiots. Me, my dad, and some random chick. We were playing silly buggers - switching the headlights off, he tried "feeling," the road LOL. Long story short, there was a curve in the road that we just drove straight through, off the side of the bridge. Luckily though there was a bit of land before the water so we could slow down a bit. We crashed into the water, totalled the car, completely - with no injuries. That girl was freaked out though haha and we couldn't claim insurance because I spilt my wine in the car, which fucking sucked. Besides that it was pretty awesome.
  17. Haha, cops don't come out where I live either.

    When I was doing trackday events, I used to take a couple swats [of sativa] before my laps just to get to the point between buzzed and high. I found it loosened me up enough to put me over the edge into awesome.
  18. yeah i think that was his dad. funny shit.

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