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  1. this is my second grow. i am thinking about harvesting tonight. they have about 25/75 amber to cloudy. any weight guesses? any thoughts on the harvest before i start? what do you think of the plants?

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  2. Looks awesome nice work. I would let the smaller one go another week.

    My guess is you get 2oz dry off that big plant.
  3. That looks like it could easily be a QP plant. Looks fire as fuck too, nice work. I just recently harvested my first grow and got a half pound
  4. Nice man, but hate to be a bit of a downer but it looks like it may be a bit burnt from over fertilizing. Have you flushed out the fert's the last week or so? Next time you might want to back off a bit on the feeding.

    My first grow turned completely brown from too much feeding and I see a few of the same signs on your girl. :( When you finally get to smoke it, if it crackles and pops like the 4th of July, then you will know it's too much food in your girl. Regardless man, congrats and smoke a fatty for me. :D
  5. i go really easy on the ferts. maybe half dosage every 3 waters. and have been flushing for the past 2 weeks. but it was also flushed a month and a half ago due to ph issues and stuff. why 2 more weeks on the little plant? i just want to learn.
  6. welcome Big Werm
  7. Danky Dank Dankster right here...

  8. The tops of the buds look a little brown, but maybe it's just your pic's....or maybe I'm just friggen' high. :smoking:

    But yes, defintiely flush your girls the last two weeks nothing but clean PH'd water. In fact, you want to give each girl a minimum of 1 gal. of water per gal. pot. I have 2 gal. pots and I will be flushing them with 2 gal. each. I would do more but it's a pain the ass to get 6 gal. of water ready at once!

    Keep at it man, you are definitely doing something right. :hello:

    Thanks for the welcome, I can't wait to gain and spread the knowledge. Especially since I am 100% legal!!!! :D
  9. If getting 6 gallons of water is a PITA, you need a new hobby. Do it right, or do it twice.

  10. So lucky. I am wicked jealous of all you legal growers.

  11. I have my card for very real reasons, and would much rather be fine and illegal.

    but still, it is pretty fun...

  12. i never really think of medical as "medical". i don't know, i just forget about sickness. sorry

    i get paranoid sometimes but growing illegal is still a great fun activity.
  13. Damn, I need to not post RIGHT after smokin'. OK, it's 2 gallons of water for every 1 gallon of soil. So what I meant would be a PITA is getting 12 GALLONS of water to flush my girls. I already do 6 gal. right now. Sorry for the confusion.

    Also, sorry about your situation ASGROW, but don't hate the player hate the game. :D
  14. actually its 3x the water (in gallons) to the size pot you have (in gallons). Example.
    Flushing a 5ga. pot would take 15ga. of water.

  15. I am typing in red to show my deep sadness. Why do I get stuck with the burden of having a medical card.
  16. i'm guessing your going to yeild like 3 - 3.5 oz off that,looks bomb.have fun with it :smoking:
  17. i took some pics of the harvest but i can't find my usb. i only did a partial harvest to let the lower buds dense up. my test bud i picked 2 weeks ago was fantastic.
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    pics of the harvest. sill waiting on the second half of the plant and the others. i chopped down "the sword." kinda retarded name from somebody playing with it like a sword.

    edit: so far i have 31.1 grams. 2 more plants to harvest. 3 more to weigh.

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  19. well said. im plannin a move just so i dont have to be illegal anymore!

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