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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by brandan003, May 27, 2010.

  1. im just about done making my box

    i was wondering what type of white paint should i use to paint inside of box? matte or glossy?

    also how should i make the holes in the box so i can run wires out and be able to plug them in for power without to much light or air out??

    also anyone have any suggestions???????/
  2. for the wiring problem you can cut a small hole and buy a rubber plug and cut 2 slits in it in a (+) pattern then push the cords threw. as far as paint i would think glossy just cuz its shiny. but idk i may be wrong about that part! good luck
  3. yea i agree, glossy. never read this anywhere but i would think it reflects more.

    the rubber plug is a good idea, another idea i have is: drill like a 1 in hole, put cord thru the way you want it, use caulk or expanding foam to fill in hole arround cord, paint over caulk/foam....this idea is a little more perminant ,but also more light tight, if your planning on not moving your cord
  4. Yea those r good ideas I prob will paint it glossy.
    I've seen someone make a hole then like a little peice of tent to the wall around the hole and put cords through it and tie the tent and cords.
  5. Dont paint with a gloss!!! It causes hot spots and that not what we want use a flat white. still reflective but gives out a more softer light with out any hot spots.

    hope this helps cab looks good cant wait to see it finished. what are you doing for ventilation?
  6. Use Flat / Eggshell / Satin not Glossy I like Satin because its easy to clean but matte or flat is better. Outdoor white is good anything that is UV resistant.
  7. For ventalation I'm gunna buy like 5 120mm fans. And put 1 intake at bottom 1 intake at top that will go though bulb and reflector then there will be 2 exhausts at the top

  8. Just be aware with 5 fans, that is 5 light proofing projects, and 5 odor control areas. If those won't be a problem sounds good. Check my Ventilation FAQ in my signature for additional info.
  9. Ya. I have to odor proof the intake? I'm goin to have the reflector exhaust connected to a carbon filter...
  10. Well you don't need active intake to begin with. Just plan everything out before you poke the hole light proofing and odor control would be a pain. Just food for thought. If you are on a budget you may want to look at a cheap $30 Axial fan from home depot (duct booster) with that small of a cab should do fine and would be easier to proof (light & odor) work looking into before you cut. Measure twice cut once sort of mantra.
  11. What is an active intake? Where I cut a hole in a wall and put a fan so air will blow in the box? I herd that that is the best??

  12. I built my flowering room with an active intake which I now just leave off and let it passively flow. Some people like OSG feel that active intake is detrimental. I just think its not needed unless you need to direct air. Putting active (fan) intake on top and bottom is bad though. You want air to move across the cab from left to right or bottom to top etc. You would be better off having all exhaust with passive intake on opposite side. I like Intake bottom exhaust top. So you aren't fighting against heat naturally rising.
  13. im intersted in this too Bohbo, your saying for a cabinet grow like brandan003 is buildin here (or like i plan to build), you do NOT need a fan on the intake? just wondering and trying to clear it up.
  14. Yes I'm quite confused also.... y not have fans? I'm goin to light proof them..
  15. Air flows like a liquid by having exhaust you create a neg pressure inside the cab so it searches for air to draw from, cracks or hole you provide for intake. By using 2 fans for exhaust and 1 for intake for example you have 2 fans working to create neg pressure and one fan working to create pos pressure. like I said before I have an intake fan in my flowering room and its essentially useless with good exhaust.
  16. So what u are saying is we need to have same amountt of exhausts as intakes? Or what is the point? We don't need exhuasts? Sry for my stupidity
  17. Okay

    You DO NOT need fans for intake just holes/leaks/cracks (Passive)

    You NEED exhaust fans. (active)
  18. Lol ok
    But.. won't I get better circulation with intakes?? Fans pull more air into box so there is more air to pull out?

  19. Short answer No, you are better off using the 120mm inside the box moving air around rather than forcing it in. I think you guys will figure it out. Check my Vent FAQ if you still have questions it covers it pretty clearly (if not PM me or post and I can add to it)
  20. so...ok correct me if im wrong... just trying to understand. brandan's original idea with the 1 intake fan, 2 exhaust fans, and one bulb exhaust is a bad idea. because the fans work too hard pulling air out that is not there because their is not enough intake.

    but, having a 1 intake fan to 1 exhaust fan ratio is completely ok.

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